Film: 9400

Industry + Work | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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New technology and energy. Very 1980's graphics and special effects.

Aerials of southern English chalk hillside. Long aerial shot of man wearing trench coat walking up hillside. He reaches desk on top of hill and sits down. Computer on a hillside. Rather wacky bit with male model type looking at computer screen on which are very colourful graphics. All this on same English hillside. Man puts on wrap around shades or sunglasses. An Esso petrol station. A car pulls up. Close up of finger selecting 4 star button. Other two options are 2 star and 3 star. The petrol is priced at 33.9, 34.4 and 34.9 pence per litre. Fuel pump operated. North Sea oil exploration. Computer displaying information on configuration of rock. Inside a research laboratory at Abingdon in Oxfordshire. On test bed, technician drives car and test its fuel performance and the lubrication system. Man sitting at large control panel. Banks of computers. Female laboratory technician at work. Automated process whereby test tubes are lifted around by machine. Beneath sea camera travels through seaweed just below water surface. Exploitation of North Sea oil reserves. Inserting old larger floppy disk in computer. Man takes off wrap around sun shade. Aerial view of man walking away from desk and down hill

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