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Sport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A triumphant and energetic film, showing the transformation of part of the Montreal (Canadian) countryside during the winter, into the home of the Olympic stadium for the 1976 summer games - images of winter, leisure pursuits, a building site, transport links and Olympic competitors inhabit the film which is concluded by the colourful opening ceremony. Great cliched Seventies music and film style.

Romantic close-up of snow covered fern tree. Picture-postcard image of the countryside. A densely forested mountain overlooks a snow covered field with a small farm house. A driveway leading up a white bungalow nestled amongst trees. The farmhouse in more detail, accompanied by haunting flute music that is slow-tempo, legato. Close-up of ferns. Water trickling through the melting ice - sunshine twinkles off the rippling water. The smaller water channel flows into a wider stream. A fast-flowing river - the camera pans to the left, showing the river forking and splitting into two separate channels. Jaunty bells accompany the image of a red sleigh pulled by a jet black horse - the occupants wrap up in fur coats and hats.

A yellow snow mobile appears over the rim of a snowy mound in slow motion - as it lands on its side, the driver falls off and tumbles into a pile of soft snow - loud music starts. Brass instruments play an uptempo, energetic theme as a different snow mobile channels a path through the snow. Skiers are pulled up an incline by the rope of a mechanical pulley. A skier races down a ski slop. A man skilfully passes two, less experienced children on the gentler slopes. A man skies delicately over the snow as a car drives along a snow-free road in the background. A young boy skies carefully, his arms outstretched as he tries to balance his body. A woman speeds down a slope, her body erect apart from slightly bent knees.

The music becomes more classically melodic and has a triumphant sound to it when accompanying an upward image of metal and concrete girders which lace each other against the pale sky. A series of fast edited images are in rhythm with the up-tempo music, as the camera zooms back inside the shell of a sporting arena - tall cranes and free-standing metal towers inhabit the space. A red truck "Soulanges" drives into the stadium. Huge steel girders are driven into the building site. A foreman - wearing a hard hat - motions down with his arm and looks up. From the overhanging rim of the open oval roof, a cage descends into the seemingly crowded floor.

A ball - the size of a football - sits on the ice, two outstretched brooms at its side - they pull back and move to hit the ball. A group of adults walk on the ice, dressed warmly in winter coats and hats, hitting the ball between themselves. Two children, with beaming smiles, toboggan down an icy hill. A thirtysomething attractive woman is focused on amongst a crowd of skaters. The gliding feet of a female skater are followed across the ice. A middle-aged couple sit at the side of the ski slopes, squinting in the bright sunlight.

The foreman ties a thick rope around a metal hinge. Another builder guides the rope as it is pulled away. A man in a crane, wearing ear protectors, glances upwards and speaks. Close-up of the crane driver's hand as he manoeuvres one of the machine's three gearsticks. A lorry drives through the concrete coloured water. The camera pans up to the large curving concrete arms which form the frame of the ceiling. Soil tumbles out of a dumper truck. Two workers are raised in the basket of a crane, but visibility is low in the dust-filled atmosphere of the building site. Staccato knocking music accompanies a male worker who is standing on a raised platform. The music changes melody again -it is still up-tempo and brass based - three smartly dressed men in suits and ties, wearing hard hats stand inside the arena, one man points. Close-up of one of the men, a fiftysomething professional - possibly an Olympic official, or building developer. Camera zooms out as he talks to a colleague . Close-up of the male as he looks skywards.

A small child collects water. The child and his friend move through the shallow water which is surrounded by defrosting snow. Professional ice-skaters play a match of ice-hockey - one team wears white, whilst the other sport blue and red - the camera moves frantically, trying to follow the fast moving puck. The ice hockey match continues at its hectic pace in the small arena - a goal is scored. A section of the crowd are on their feet, cheering and clapping the goal. Close-up of a twentysomething girl, smiling and applauding.

A male worker stands near the top of the yet-to-be completed stadium. He studies the site below him through the view-finder of a engineer's tool. A cage of three men descends through the criss-cross of metal structures. A man signals instructions. Sparks fly off a welder's tool as he works on an iron segment. Close-up of the welder who is wearing protective head and eye wear. The welding continues.

A line of tobogganists on top of a snowy hill - a primitive two-womaned sleigh slides down the hill in slow motion and the second woman opens her mouth with fear and delight as the toboggan hits a bump, lifting it into the air and landing successfully with a jolt. A male worker. A man inside a moving crane. The moving tread at the base of the crane. A man reverses his machine. Steel girders are hoisted into the air. Pan of a girder being delivered on a truck. A flurry of workforce on the ground. A suited man talks. The men continue their work. A darkened builder, silhouetted against the bright light behind him. Rows of ascending orange seats in the audience section. A man removes the plastic protective covering from the new chairs.

Pan up from the surrounding countryside to show the grey, domed stadium set within the winter scene. Inside the completed arena - seats form the outer, top level, an oval shaped running track lies beneath the rows of seat, and a flat track lines the floor of the vast building - the roof is now complete and covers the area, and the climatic music comes to an end.

An accordion plays in a jaunty, traditionally French style over the image of a hanging outdoor sign of a shop. The sign for a seafood restaurant. A different brasserie. A street pole stands with brightly coloured ribbons, two street signs and a floral arrangement attached to it. Street signs at right angles to each other on a street pole read "Rue NOTRE-DAME " and "Place de LA DAUVERSUERE". A horse drawn carriage waits at the road-side. Baskets of flowers line the pavement, whilst crowds of people walk through the open plaza - the sun is shining and the people now wear short sleeves. A couple greet each other with a kiss - the man holds a hand-drawn pencil image of a woman in his hands. People sit on the pavement. A trio of musicians sit on a raised platform - two playing accordions and the third playing a guitar, whilst four people dance enthusiastically in front of the stage. The four dancers move in pairs, circling each other. The onlookers clap their hands in time to the music's beat. A long line of people skip to the music, forming a line which snakes past the crowds. The musicians play their instruments. A couple watch. A man passes his headphones over to a young girl. A small group of people congregate outside a restaurant. Close-up of a young woman smiling and chatting. A large fountain gushes water in a square. The horse-drawn carriage slowly makes its way through a busy street. An imposing building stands on the street corner -possibly a hotel, Canadian flags wave on poles outside it - the sound of a plane with its landing gear down.

The predominantly white "Air India" Jumbo Jet comes in to land - the powerful breaks screech on the soundtrack as they hit the runway. A plane turning - the music sounds like it is being played by an electronic keyboard. Moving vehicles on the runway. Cars speed down a motorway. Another car passes. A plane taxies by the terminus. Baggage is moved on small vehicles. The white and red of an "Air Canada" jet. More runway traffic. Lines of motorway traffic. A greyhound bus. A blue sign advertising Niagara Falls - "City of Niagara Falls. NY. 1892", with an artist's impression of the waterfalls. A small boat bobs in the swells of the river whilst all around it, water droplets cloud the skies. A line of traffic waits to cross what is presumably the border checkpoint control. A car drives up towards the barriers. A driver talks to an official in the booth. A policecar moves along the airport's grounds. A "Quebecan" plane on the tarmac. Airport traffic ferrying people and baggage. A blue "KLM Royal Dutch Airlines" Jumbo moves along the tarmac. A plane lands. A bus pulls up outside the airport terminal whose impressive walls are made of glass panels. A "Lufthansa"plane. Cars on a motorway. Another angle of the cars. Vehicles drive along a four-laned highway. Lines of moving cars. A fast moving car. Two helicopters follow each other at a safe distance. A green motorway sign reads "Bridge to Canada ONLY". A lilac sign reads "Rainbow Bridge PEDESTRIANS to Canada" - a couple walk by with large rucksacks on their backs. A British Concorde lands. People wander in the airport terminal. A road sign directs traffic to "Montreal No.11".

The camera is in a moving vehicle as it passes modern-looking, angular buildings - possibly hotels. The traffic moves down the road on a sunny day. The only buildings on the roadside are the hotels. A unicyclist dressed in red, cycles down the street which is lined with red flags, and acknowledges the camera with a wave. Driving past the huge stadium complex. The low, wide, sculptured public entrance into the stadium - crowds of people enter and exit it. Hundreds of people swarm below, and are dwarfed by, part of the building's imposing and jutting exterior. People walk by a water feature in the concrete surroundings. A line of people stand beside a waterfall, watching the sights below them. Flags of all the competing nations stand proudly by a water feature. A section of the large, curved roof of the arena. People move along a pathway, to one side, a visual and written sign points the way to the different sports areas, including the swimming pool and the running track. A young blond teenager sits amongst her friends all of whom are dressed in red leotards.

A muscular woman signs her autograph for two children as she hurries away from an outdoor grass arena. Two black men from the Senegal team walk through the crowds, wearing their nation's green and yellow tracksuits. A black woman sports Bermuda's national tracksuit of blue and red. A bearded, hippie man walks past the exterior of the stadium, dragging a large wooden crucifix behind him with relative ease -the crowds around him do not appear to take much notice. A small joyous group of people wearing T-shirts with Sweden's flag on them, one man enthusiastically waves his flag above his head. Lines of people using the outdoor phones. A young man. Two youthful nuns in blue tunics walk calmly amongst the crowds. Close-up of two Indian men, one of whom is wearing a bright fuschia turban. A young man shows off his badges which adorn part of his tracksuit top. Two women dance in front of a small crowd - their flowing, slow movements contrast with the bustling people around them as they explore the space. Three adults lie asleep on the grass on the hot summer's day. A man holds a hand-written sign above his head which proclaims "ROOM FOR RENT". A woman addresses the camera - her body is adorned with hats, flags and badges for sale, all of which advertise the Olympic games. A group of people, accompanied by two men playing guitars, walk along a pathway singing. Two mounted policemen ride casually through a picnic area. Two people ascend some stairs, proudly holding the British Union Jack flag. Some large, brightly coloured, dome structures. Two black women talk. A capped official talks to a tall African-looking man. A male wears a "Presco's Sohio" T-shirt. Close-up of an official. A Chinese couple smile in the grand surroundings. A Vietnamese-looking lady moves to take a stills photograph. A young boy is carried on his father's shoulders, enabling him to see above the adults' heads. Three men in uniform walk casually - they are possible from the armed forces. A solitary military man stands in front of a wire fence with a rifle over one shoulder.

A black sprinter runs at speed along an outdoor track with a baton in his hand. The black Senegal team miss their baton exchange. A female U.S.S.R. runner. Another baton exchange. In slow motion, the bandage covering the upper thigh of a black runner is evident. A male athlete launches himself at the pole vault, but hits the pole which sends both it and himself crashing to the matting below. A black male instructs his four-man running team of the best practices. Three members of the athletic team from Ghana stand and talk. A lone male does sit-ups on the grass - the music is up-tempo, like the athlete's movements. A man stretches his leg muscles. Another man limbers up. Two black, possibly long-distance runners, jog along the track together. A female sprinter leaves the running blocks and starts to hurdle. The slow motion action shows the concentration on her face and physical exertion of her muscles. A man clears the pole of the high jump. The female hurdler continues down the track. Close-up of a pair of feet as they leave the blocks in an explosive manner. A female hoists a shot-put into the air. With extreme effort, another athlete releases the shot-put. The man clears the high jump again whilst onlookers watch from a grassy hill in the background. Another pole vault attempt fails.

The camera zooms back from the grass in the centre of the stadium, to reveal sparsely populated viewing stands. A broadcaster (?), wearing headphones speaks into his microphone, whilst the sounds of chattering crowds are heard on the soundtrack. An elderly woman wearing sunglasses sits in the audience. A young female in the seated crowd. A male reads his Olympic brochure - the five coloured, intertwined rings that form the Olympic emblem are on the front cover. A television camera stands ready. Two girls wait for the proceedings to begin, chewing gum. A woman wearing sunglasses - applause starts.

A large electrical board reads "Greece" before being overhighlighted by the word "Canada". A front-on shot of the board, a clock to its right reads 2.34 whilst the sign states "WELCOME TO OLYMPIC STADIUM" as a fanfare of trumpets are heard. A sea of seated onlookers. "GAMES OF THE XXI OLYMPIAD MONTREAL 1976". The crowds look over in the direction of a red-carpeted raised platform with four official looking men and women on it - the woman in pink is possibly Queen Elizabeth II (?). Marching music starts as a girl holding a white board enters the arena, closely followed by a man holding aloft the Greek flag. They walk along the running track, with rows of male and female team-mates following in blue blazers and natural trousers or skirts. The camera focuses on the flagbearer. The East or West (?) German flagbearer enters the stadium. The women of the East or West (?) German team march in step behind him, wearing white jackets, navy skirts and high-heeled shoes. The men follow behind them, in outfits similar to the Greek team, and a few wave awkwardly to the audience. An Arabic flagbearer wearing traditional head dress, long white dress and black tunic, holds the Saudi Arabian flag above his head. His team follows behind. An Australian sportswoman enters as falgbearer for her nation. The team follow in yellow dresses, yellow jackets and natural trousers. The flagbearer lowers the Australian flag as she walks past the VIP stand, as a sign of respectful reverence. The male Australians walk in step. The grass in the centre of the stadium is quickly becoming filled with the groups of sportsmen and women, whilst two tiers of people watch from the stands. A different team wearing white trouser suits and red berets, wave small, handheld maple-leaf flags to the crowds. The British flagbearer walks past the standing groups of the other nations. The females wear red knee-length dresses, the males in navy blazers and neutral trousers. The male competitors of the United Kingdom team salute as they walk past the VIP stand, presumably to their Monarch. Another team appears in the arena. Men dressed in cream suits hold their hats over the hearts as they march by, whilst cameramen film from the side of the track. The Israeli flag is carried by a female. The Japanese team march in red and white outfits, whilst nine Japanese flags wave from the audience. Close-up of enthusiastic crowds waving. The centre of the stadium is becoming awash with the bright colours of the teams' outfits. The Japanese men walk onto the grass. The American flagbearer enters. The huge U.S.A. team walk in, wearing white and navy. Some of the crowd are on their feet, waving down at the competitors. The large U.S.S.R. team enters, dressed in orange and white. A standing ovation as the host team enter the stadium. The Canadian flag is carried by a woman. The team walk in, wearing red and white trouser suits. The women wear red hats and carry blue handbags over their right shoulders, and the expansive team wave with excitement to the crowd.

The stadium appears completely filled with people, both spectators and competitors. Female dancers enter the building in groups. The women circle each other, holding hands and forming the five ring Olympic symbol. The women perform a lulling ballet-inspired dance. They pull ribbons of different colours from the centre of their circles to the outer rims, whilst the white doves of freedom are released. The doves flock together and fly towards the open roof. Girl dancers in leotards skip along the track, pulling floating ribbons behind them The performers twist and turn, whilst four male dancers manoeuvre large flags in rhythmic motions. The choreographed moves continue. Girls hold three small pieces of material, creating the form of the East or West German (?) flag. Close-up of the smiling dancers. The girls express happiness as they move fluidly. The dancers progress along the track in unison. Dancers play with hoops. The track gets more busy as girls and boys appear with large, colourful flags. Close-up of a boy dancer, the camera pans back to a girl as she spins in the centre of the varied groups. An image of colour and movement on the track below, and applause is heard. Girl dancers. The Royal platform is filmed at a distance as the Queen sits down, presumably after the playing of National anthems, and the camera pans over the magnificent scene in front of her.

A male and female enter the stadium, wearing white T-shirts and shorts, and holding the Olympic flame above their heads as they run along the track. The runners pass the competitors and audience. The flame is taken along the track, a male voice-over solemnly states,
"In the name of competitors, I promise that we will take part in these Olympic Games respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship for the glory of sport and the honour of our team."
These words are spoken over images of the runners mounting a platform in the centre of the stadium where they light a large beacon from the Olympic flame, and the crowds watch and applaud.
Intertitle, "F.I.N.A. in co-operation with SPEEDO wish to thank all who assisted in the making of this film. Federation Internationale de National Amateur founded in 1908. President Dr. H.W.Henning. Hon. Secretary Dr. P. Hauch."
Intertitles consisting of credits.
The runners walk away from the lit beacon and the triumphant music ends.

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