Film: 9407

Art + Architecture | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Based on Hans Christian Andersen's ' The Little Match Girl ' 1960's

A young woman ( Vivian Kurz) sits on a couch, a mirror in the background. She lights matches and watches them burn, absorbed. The interior of an exhibition. A man (Gerard Malanga) looks at the artwork. A blue, glass sculpture of the human form and Andy Warhol's 'Gold Marilyn'. The man stands before the portrait and partly obscures the face of Marilyn. Andy Warhol talks into a telephone. Warhol is also the narrator. Fashion, photography, art, creativity. Andy Warhol's studio, The Factory. The man dances places a record on the gramophone and dances before a mirror. Warhol films at his studio. Man sits astride a motorbike. The young woman resents being treated like an object and is upset to be excluded from a New Years Eve party at The Factory. She lets her hair loose in front of an ornate mirror. She undresses and poses in her underwear in a doorway. City scene from the balcony of the girl's flat. Neon lights, traffic, advertisements. She picks up a copy of Vogue magazine, but dismisses it for Hans Andersen fairy tales. She starts to read.
Street scenes at night: christmas lights, shop displays. The girl is wrapped in a shawl with a flower in her hair, she tries to sell matches to passers by. In her flat, the girl takes an overdose. In the morning light, the match girl is found frozen to death, with the burnt ends of matches still in her hands. The girl in the flat lies on her bed, listening to the sounds of the New Years party she is missing. Warhol and others at the studio, smoking, drinking, music.

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