Film: 9409

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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A step by step look at a moon space mission following astronaut John Young through training and intercutting actual film of previous missions 1970's

Shots of empty space suits. Mans chest with monitors attached. More monitors attached. Man zips up thin white suit. Technicians adjust connections. Medical monitors. Printout. Connections plugged in as man climbs into main suit. Top half put on. Technician adjusts suit. Suited up group of astronauts head for launch. (Title sequence here). Rocket in flight. 2nd stage ignition from inside, 1st stage falling away. Rocket with vast red exhaust plume. Casing falls away with view of earth below. Rocket ignition seen high above camera. Casing falls away, starts to burn up in atmosphere. Astronauts in cabin, weightless. Working on instruments. View of crescent moon. John Young running through park. US Air force fighters go over head. Sign reading 'Ellington AFB Texas, Base Operations' then pan round to control tower. Young filling in forms. Asks for weather details. Sergeant replies. He walks out to jet. Climbs up to cockpit, puts red helmet on top and adjusts straps. He walks around plane looking it over. Helicopter moving away. Inspecting plane. Young sitting in the cockpit, puts on helmet. Ground crew in white jumpsuit waves the plane out on taxi way. Plane taxi's away. Takes off then flies over camera. View of earth from space. Interior of craft, astronauts working, bag floating. View of full moon. Pan from trees and sky to Houston Centre. Mission Control Room. Various shots of controllers looking at screens, debating and pushing buttons. A screen with blips (heart monitors). Inside of craft with 3 astronauts, picture rotates 180 degrees. Full moon. Mission control. Various shots of controllers. Astronauts in craft, camera wobbling. Various Control room shots. Photograph on wall showing a sign reading 'Home of Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford'. He is having a meeting with Young and Charles Duke. Young suited up, technicians adjusting straps. Man hits frame with a hammer. Suit in harness to replicate moon weight, young bounces. Back to meeting. Young skipping along in suit and harness. Close up of face. Distance shot showing circular track he is running on. Inside of craft. Astronauts show how objects are weightless. Astronaut tumbles around. Young enters equipment trial room, climbs a ladder and enters mock up of moon lander. Young presses switches. A controller moves around vast desk of flashing lights and switches. Young reads off numbers.

Moon very close overhead. Another moon view from orbiting camera. Young in simulator, switches buttons. Controller sits watching readings. Young moves switch. Gyroscope moves. View of moon through lander window. Camera moving over fake moon surface to simulate view get on approach. Young. Camera. Controller presses buttons. Young. Various shots of both. Shot of inside of real craft with buttons being pressed. Moon lander through command module window. View of heart monitor. Controllers. Getting close to Moon, can see dust raised by landing jets. Film of actual landing. Control room claps and cheers. Young in space suit practices with lander. Young and Duke surrounded by technicians as they practice. Mission control. View back of suit showing dials. They practice again. Various shots of them assembling parts for lunar rover. They put flag up and salute. Still photographs of real moon trips and experiments. Discussions on how to improve the lunar rover as they stand around it. Portion of rock studied around a table. Pictures of actual mission. Practice of stowing away. Shots of real lander take off from moon. Views of moon surface. Lander & module manoeuvring to dock above the moon. Mission control. Views of the moon. Earth from long way away. In the craft. Astronaut shaving. Animated space station. Animation of Skylab. Astronauts sit and discuss future. Animation of Skylab. Animation of 'Space Shuttle'. Earth approaches. Edge of atmosphere. Capsule coming down on parachutes. Aircraft carrier. Helicopters. Capsule splashes down. Moon through haze. John Young fishing at dusk. View of Mars. Star scene.

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