Film: 9410

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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Anzio to Rome . World War Two through the eyes of American soldiers

A sea battle , landing boats in the ocean. Anti aircraft guns on the ships. A sailor turns it around to get a better view of the airplane he is shooting at. Large explosions it the water, a gun pumps out shells. Troop disembarking on the beach. More anti aircraft guns. Airplanes nose diving. A field hospital, a sailor lies on a bed, a nurse and doctor tend to him. A tank with its gunner standing up out of the hole. An infantryman shoots his gun off at a house. A airman flips a switch and looks out the back of the aircraft. Bombs drop from the bottom of an airplane. Aerial view of bombs landing. A field gun shoots a shell. Soldiers walking fast or running through a street strewn with rubble and bombed out houses. Bombs dropping, soldier walking over rubble. A monastery or castle, possibly Monte Cassino?, explodes as a bomb hits it. Soldiers wait to board a transport ship. Guns are loaded onto a ship. Soldiers look at their order papers. A line of transport ships strung out in a line on the sea. A soldier smokes and reads the newspaper on deck. Still of Corporal James Steves. Another still of him. Troop ships bob in the water. A morse code operator flicks the light in a series of dots and dashes. Troop ships land on the beach at Anzio. Soldiers land on the beach hauling duffle bags and field armaments. Trucks and guns are brought ashore. German prisoners of war walked along at gun point. Still of tank man Bill Hammel. Italian refugees lead a horse pulling a cart, their belongings piled inside. Tanks roll up the roman highway to Rome. Soldiers digging in, making sandbags and piling them up, camouflaging their hideouts, digging trenches, moving field guns forward. A commander looking at maps in the field base of operations. Soldiers sitting with machine guns and field artillery at the ready, waiting. German tanks move quickly down a road, artillery guns move forward as the Germans surround the beaches. Soldiers load the guns with more shells as bombs start exploding. Luftwaffe planes fly in formation overhead. The boats still in the water get bombed. An anti aircraft gun on board. Still of Claudine Doyle, an American nurse. Soldiers run out of a landing craft onto the beach. More anti aircraft guns and airplanes flying overhead. Battle scenes, guns going off, shells exploding., rubble and airplanes bombing. Burning cars and trees. An upside down burning tank. Mark Clark commander of the Fifth army gets into a jeep. He salutes at a soldier on the side of the road. Soldiers in a rain storm in an open field. A soldier stands on a temporary bridge as the heavy river water swirls past, almost at flooding. Trucks drive through a flooded road. A bridge is swept away. An injured soldier is lifted out of the flooded road. A bulldozer scrapes debris out of the roadway. Men scoop water out of a trench. Men push a artillery gun up a hill out of the mud. A tank tread spins in the mud. Men push a transport truck out of the mud. Tanks moving through mud. Soldiers moving a mortar gun. Fighting just off the beach head. Tank moving through an olive grove. Bombs exploding on the hillside. Soldiers shooting off all kinds of explosives, including a bazooka. Soldiers being carried on stretchers back to the field hospitals. Artillery guns being let off. Injured soldiers being carried down a hill on a stretcher. A soldier helps his mate along a road. Still of Bob Whitman , lead bombardier of the 319th air group who provided air support. The propellers of a plane close-up. Airplane bombers dropping bombs. Bombs explode on the ground over the Factory, a German stronghold. A field hospital. Nurses and doctors in a field hospital working with patients, possible operating theatre. Men outside the field hospital digging earth works for protection. The field hospital being bombed. Tanks and guns on trains. Soldiers running over a hill. Air bombers. Colour footage of a bombing command meeting. Loading bombs onto the planes. A bomber flying. A bridge being bombed. A tank on rail lines shooting down the railway. Prisoners of War POW's walk down the road with their hands up. Laying land mines. Repairing communication lines. Building huts. An observation balloon. Soldiers waiting around in their tanks, or beside their guns. Soldiers walk into an underground bunker. Army cooks baking bread. Eating soup in the field. A soldier munches on some bread. A girl gets her hair washed. Soldiers clean their guns. Bombed bridges, rail line and supply lines in operation strangle, Colour footage.
Tanks and men move forward. The 4th and 8th American Armies. More guns going off. More artillery. Soldiers creeping through a bombed out town, under old stone arches through alleyways, an explosion goes off and they all scatter. A young man on a radio phone. Loading communication wire. Lots of men on communication telephones. Colour footage of the 5th American army entering Rome in front of the Vittoriano monument. American soldiers in Rome. A roman street. Two soldiers in a buggy with a blonde girl. Black and white Italians giving the victory ( or peace) sign.

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