Film: 9420

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Mountain farmers in Switzerland 1940's

Title and credits over picture of a globe; title disappears; zoom in to Switzerland, the border of which is shown in white and its name marked. Snow-covered mountain peak. Mountains in distance; grassy area in foreground, trees around it. Hillside covered with forest. Winding river in the middle of the hillside. Flowing river between trees. Zoom in to a map of Switzerland; on it are marked Emmenthal and Berne. Forest; grassy hillside. More forest and hillside.

Marked fields on hillside. Farmers ploughing a field. Three farmers cutting crops down with scythes. Young man working in field. Men cutting crops. Seen from above, men working on a flat area of field. Boys turning over cut crops with rakes. The same seen from further away. Horses dragging a cart along a road track; hillside in background. Horses dragging cart past trees. They continue past trees on the left and a house on the right. Seen from far above, grass fields and forest; a path can be seen with the horse and cart moving along.

A large white house, cart by it. A woman inside cooking bread; the mixture in a bowl, she picks up mounds and puts them in trays. She puts the trays in the oven. A girl in a chicken coop; a hen walks on the ground; she walks over to where the eggs are stored. Four eggs on hay; she picks two up. Her head as she picks up eggs. The girl leaves the building, shuts the door, and walks to the path. Two cows drinking from a trough. A cow drinking. A boy puts down a wooden bucket from which a cow drinks.

Three men, previously seen farming, working with a plant. A boy carrying a jug of water along a road. A man with a cow that carries a plant on its head. A cow carrying a bell around its neck looking at the camera. A man leading a cow around a large barn, seen from a distance; hillside behind. A man leading a cow with a rope; more men leading cows behind. Lots of cows walk from a building. Cows walking past the barn. Men leading a procession of cows down a path. Cows on path. Boys and men and cows on path.

Cows in a field on hillside; a wooden hut and forest above. A cow eating grass; a snow-capped mountain in the distance. A man carrying a pail of milk outside a house; mountain in distance. A row of cowbells hanging on the outside wall of a house. Closer shot of the cowbells. A man picks up some baked bread. His hands squeeze it. Animals on hillside; scattered pine trees and a forest above. A wooden hut; forest and mountain above. A man sitting on a wooden bench outside the stone foundations of a house, cutting something. Close-up of him carving. He continues to carve; one of his previous carvings seen above him.

Seen from above, large area of hillside and forest and fields. Farmland and large houses; forest and hills in background. A classroom with small children behind desks and a teacher at the front; some children put their hands up to answer a question. The class of children, some with hands raised. The teacher points to the blackboard. A boy stands up and answers a question. He sits down again; another boy puts his hand up. A girl sitting in the classroom.

A map of Switzerland; a large area in the middle is highlighted and bordered, labelled "German", to signify that this area is German speaking; the area to the left labelled "French"; an area at the right labelled "Romansh"; and the final area at the bottom, "Italian". The teacher in the classroom points at two pictures. His finger moves over a picture of a house and of a tower. Large white buildings in a village below hillside. Large area of hillside covered with trees, apart from a village in the middle. A black car driving up a village road past white buildings. Two signs; pointing left, "Bellinzona 23", and "Lugano 24". A white tower, tree-covered hill to left.

The teacher pointing to the pictures; flowers on his desk. He moves his finger over a picture of a church, with two arches and many square windows. He points to the picture. A similar building in real life; people walk out of one of the two arches at the front. A man walks up a narrow village street between white buildings. The white wall of a building with horses and words painted on it. More white buildings with square windows; a pile of logs to the right; two people washing clothes. Closer view of the mother and young child scrubbing clothes in the water. Church seen through rooftops; mountain behind.

Classroom; children put down their hands. On a blackboard, a chalk drawing of a house; the teacher points to it. He draws a broken line by the right hand front corner of the house showing water dripping from the gutter. Two cows in a field in front of a large white house much like the one in the drawing. A sign: "Les Vacheries Les Breuleux"; two of the large white houses, and lots of grass surrounding them, behind. A huge grass area, a cluster of the houses, and a forest behind; two horses run across the grass. A large field, with a few horses standing around, the large white buildings in the background.

Children in the classroom; some put their hands up. The teacher at the front of the class. The girl behind her desk. Horses pulling a cart along, a man with them, in front of large rural wooden building. Cart arrives outside building; man gets off it, and starts to help the second man with unloading the sacks. The second man carries one of the sacks on his back, and drops it by the door. Inside; first man opens a sack, second man works with machine. We see him scrubbing the inside of the machine. His head as he works. His hands touch the machine. First man pours flour into a grinding machine. The rotating stone crushes the flour. The man pushes the wheel around.

In the centre of the village, between the old houses, horses pull a cart, with a man sitting on it, along the road track. Horses pull man on cart past old white derelict building. Two horses inside, in a blacksmith's. The blacksmith with glasses and a moustache. He works at a table. The blacksmith making a horseshoe in a stable, and walks over to another man, who stands by two horses. Blacksmith with horseshoe while other man works. Man while smoke comes up from below. Blacksmith hammering horseshoe. Hand hammers nails into it.

The two men in the doorway; two horses outside, on the road track. Men bring out sacks and drop them on the ground. Same, seen straight on. Horses pull cart with sacks on it along road past pile of logs and an old building, from which a tractor leaves. Horses pull cart past large piles of logs. Men in a factory cutting logs. A man at a machine used for cutting the logs. The man's face. Machine cutting through wood.

Two horses pull cart past many plants and small trees, seen from inside a building through a window. People walking down a path that goes through grass with a hill and a white triangular building in the background. They walk down the path to two horses pulling something and large trees to the left of the road that goes along. They run along and get on the back of the cart that the horses then pull away. The horses pull the cart down a track; the children on it are some of the children from the classroom.

The outside of a house, a woman watering plants. A closer shot of her. Horses move off, carrying the children. The house. The horses and cart stopped beneath a tree next to the house. A woman laying bowls on a wooden table. People, including the children, eating food from those bowls. People sitting around the table eating, seen from further away. The children eating food from the bowls. Men working with a huge mound of hay, in a field. Men making bails of hay. A girl raking the ground. A man lifting hay with a rake. Men carrying away a large bail of hay. A horse pulling along the huge hay bail on a cart.

A large flat area covered with snow; mountains in distance, a huge forest in front of that, and relatively near the camera a wooden hut. Snow area seen from above; huts and forests and scattered trees and hillside. Forest; three huts. Inside a milking room; cows, a man gets a metal pail; a small cat wanders along the floor. A man milking a cow. His head pressed up against the cow. Men milking cows. Boy milking cow. A man carries a pail of milk and tips it into a container. A man tipping milk. A man uses a rule at a blackboard.

The two men carry the bucket over. They pour the milk. The poured milk bubbling about. A man puts his hand in the milk and moves it around. A man stirring the milk. He uses something with several wires. The two men put a cloth in the milk. They tie up the ends of it. They pull the tied up bag out of the water. They push it down into a container. They turn the container over. Shelves of large circles of cheese; the two men walk past them. The two men look at one circle of cheese. One man's face as he talks.

People walking along a snow-covered street. A hockey game. People skating on ice playing hockey. A ski lift; a snow-covered mountain behind. View from a ski lift; forest, snow. View from the side of the ski lift, another mountain in the distance. A ski lift going up a mountain. The ski lift continues; a Swiss flag in the background. People skiing below rocky mountains. A row of people on skis. An ice slope. Two children on snow pointing. An ice slope.

The people and children sitting around a table. One of them cuts a cake. A woman is passed a bowl. People at table; a boy at one end passes his plate. The boy smiling. A woman and two girls. A woman, man, and boy, sitting down. A man's face, a boy behind him. Everyone sitting around a table. A mountain face, some of it covered by snow. Snow on mountain side. Snow-covered ground in a valley between mountains. Snow-covered mountain face and ground. Snow-covered ground. Zoom out from the globe from the beginning; end credits over.

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