Film: 9421

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A general portrait of China, divided into portrayals of six major regions 1960's

Logo, over a photo of a section of the Great Wall of China, and mountainous landscape surrounding. Another part of the wall, with more credits. The wall, as seen from standing on it; forest on the right. The wall from on it, hills covered with trees surrounding. Looking down the wall, as it bends around and goes up and down. An uphill slope; zoom in. A tower on the wall. The view from an arch in the tower. The wall, forest to either side; zoom in to a sign. The sign; it says "Out of Bounds for Foreigners Without Special Permits".

An industrial plant. A map of China, in colour, surrounded by India, Russia or the USSR, and Japan; the name "China" over it; an outline of the USA is temporarily superimposed over China; the population centres in the East are shown, in red; the red areas grow larger; they are then removed; the country is divided into its six major regions: Manchuria, North China, South China, Inner Mongolia, Sinkiang, and Tibet; zoom in on Tibet. An expanse of snow-covered Himalayan mountains in Tibet. A closer view of some of these mountains. Another aerial view. A photograph of Tibetans; zoom in to one particular person. A photo of Tibetans harvesting crops with primitive tools. A man on rocky ground amongst trees, with a horse. A brick house with many people standing on top, ladders propped against the walls. Himalayan mountains.

Map of China; zoom in to Inner Mongolia. A pan across a huge plain of the Gobi desert. Caravans moving across a track through the plains. A closer view of oxen pulling the caravans. A close-up of a Mongolian man's face. Another man. Another; pan left to a young woman, and the top of a girl's head. Cattle grazing on the plains; far in the background, beneath the hills, a long row of sheep. A man with a herd of sheep inside a wooden fence. Sheep inside the fence. Men washing sheep at a stone sheep dip. A closer view of the sheep being washed. A man leading a sheep along with a rope. Men washing sheep. They finish doing so.

A boy walking through a village, through an open space; huts in the background, a cow, a wagon. A man rides a horse through the village, past huts, people, and the wagon, before getting near to other people on horses. A huge road, wooden poles to the side, full of people, with one road vehicle. Many people standing by a train. A man walks past holding a bag; his son, who wears a tie, holds his right hand. Several men wearing white shirts, one holding a parasol. A large crowd of people. Many houses, all the way to the horizon.

The map; zoom into Manchuria. Rain drops falling in a pool of water. The pool; shrubs to the left and right. A river; many trees on the bank behind. Many different sorts of trees. A forest, full of tall trees, under a grey, misty sky. A man cutting down a tree with an electric saw. A man calls that a tree is to fall. The tree falls. A steel mill. Iron ore being melted at great temperature. Two people involved with the steel making process. Someone supervising. The same. Liquid metal being poured.

The map; zoom into North China. Many terraced hills. Another terraced hill. A man tending to the crops on the hill. A man harvesting barley or wheat. Terraced hills above cliffs. A huge expanse of rocky cliffs and hills. An agricultural valley; from the air, moving left, large rocks, plains, and high mountainous cliffs, a fertile valley below. Again from the air, the Huang-Ho river, plains the near side, a city the far side. The yellow river flowing along by desert. A boy swimming in the river beside desert. Rocks on the side above the desert next to the river. Men building a house by the river bank. Men leading horses along by the river; to the other side, a field of crops. A man harvesting crops. He pushes water along a channel with a spade. Someone carries a rickshaw along a road surrounded by trees. A field full of crops. Men constructing a dam or dyke. On its top, they lay cement. Men pull stones along. People continue to lay cement. The dyke from its bottom. The river flowing by the desert. The river flowing.

The map; move down from North China to South China. The river valley of the Yangtze. A green plain, underneath a hill, right of a lake, in front of forests; people walk over it. Houses by the river, in front of tall hills. People walking past the river bank the other side. Two men row a boat down the river. A man slowly rows a boat. A long concrete irrigation ditch. Men standing by the water, carrying a stick. Men by the river. Laying ropes down on the muddy farmland. The same, from a different angle. Tending to the soil; an ox is walked across farmland. Men in the field harvest grass. Close up of wheat. Fields of wheat by the river, by a farm house. Men tending to the grass beneath the trees. Fruit growing on a tree, insects buzzing around it. Fruit growing by the river. A purple flower.

Two boats on the river. Many boats. Two large ships. Boats on the river; on the bank, tall buildings. An aerial pan of the city, with boats and bridges on the river. An overhead view of Shanghai. Large crowds of people on the street. A closer view. A large industrial chimney as seen through buildings either side of a road. A woman driving a road vehicle by a factory. An official. A man working inside a factory. A man working. Someone working at a machine. An industrial plant.

A man on a tractor. A man with an animal tied to a rope, by a river. Young children eating food from bowls. A boy eating. A girl eating. A man eating rice with chopsticks. Another man. Men carrying baskets on their shoulders by plants. Walking on a path between fertile fields. A man leading a procession of cattle pulling carts. Raking a field. Shovelling earth onto a pile. An aerial shot of the Great Wall of China. Credits, over a map of China.

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