Film: 9424

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


New Zealand during World War Two, rural and urban life during the war and industries 1940's

Ranchers on horseback galloping over the mountains and sand dunes. Sheep herded by sheep dogs, woman on horseback. Two farmers walk in countryside - one climbs over a gate, the other over a fence. Gathering in the hay. Man stands on top of hay cart using a pitchfork to pile up the hay. New born lambs and their mothers, ewes. Sheep emerge from a pen and many of them spring into the air. Peasant farming - two harnessed horses pull produce on a sled? People manually sort through produce. Women and girls (land girls) sort out individual seedlings and plantlets. Woman kneels in field with several other women and plants seedling. Two soldiers stand close to and watch an erupting geyser. The two soldiers (one is a corporal) squatting by a pool and watching Maori children bathe with their mother squatting on the other side of the pool.
Wellington very good general views of people going about their daily business - getting off buses, commuting to work, entering a bank, a soldier passing on the pavement - a bright sunny day.
New Zealand soldiers marching. Troops march through a town; marching through village with a few lookers-on, two boys in the foreground very happily waving their arms. Emotive piece whereby four cavalry lead horses out of gate and ride off to war. Soldier in charge gives order to move off in close up. Elderly woman looks on tenderly (as her son rides off). Mounted double column of New Zealand soldiers right in woods. They wear floppy bush hats and carry rifles slung on their backs. Cavalry fording a river. Troop of soldiers march past view of Southern Alps in background. They pass a lake. Soldiers on patrol at a dam? And at an electricity station. More elderly soldier looks out to sea. He might be a Home Guard type soldier. Cliff top look-out hut. Man sits looking through telescope. Three soldiers patrol on a beach and on cliff tops, looking out to sea for possible invasion fleet.
Man uses an axe to chop at trunk of a tree. Tree is felled. Man drives small tracked vehicle on forest track. It tows a large tree trunk. Field of waving corn or wheat. Close up of farmer examining wheat stalks, he looks up at the sky. He puts a straw in his mouth and chews on it. Farmer examining a handful of grass he has picked to examine the quality of his grazing or hay. Youngish woman in a laboratory closely checking on grasses. Several terracotta flowerpots of grasses. Extracting substance from bee or other large insect. Agricultural laboratory. Scientist puts bee on a clover plant in a mesh and wooden crate. A close up of close growing hay or a cereal crop. Sheaves of corn stacked in a field. Women gathering up bundles of hay or straw, and preparing to tie them with cord or string. Hand sorting crops. Sheep shearing. Examining portion of fleece. Very large piece of machinery which rotates and cards the wool? Point of view sitting on a wagon of coal or rock which travels down a steep incline on a railway. Man operating large shovel of a mechanical digger - he releases a bucket load of rock. Close up of a hands of a woman munitions worker's hands. She is sorting and sifting bullets and bullet casings. Mining and munitions factory work making bullets and munitions. Racks of hanging bombs. A man cleans and polishes a bomb with a rag. A tank factory. The base units of many tanks lined up. One tracked tank base driven around. Man takes tracked piece through gates and spins the vehicle in a tight circle.
Military - wounded soldiers carried down gangplank, some in stretchers. In some of the shots men wear bush hats and some wear more conventional smaller hats. Concerned women look on. One woman rushes at injured stretcher case and kisses him. He kisses her. When she pulls back four more women lean in and kiss him too. Ambulance speeding on dusty road. Army exercises and obstacle course running. Soldiers jump off high sandbagged wall and run and dive and take up firing positions. Bayonet practice on prone straw filled sacks or dummies on the ground. Loading a field gun and preparing to fire a machine gun, the cartridge belt visible. Parade ground exercises without shirts on. Beach exercises. Boxing. Over-enthusiastic spectator hits another man over. Tracked vehicles on exercise on beach. Five Spitfire fighter aircraft ? Patrol the sky

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