Film: 9425

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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South west England. Cornwall and Devon 1960's

A topographical map of England, Ireland and the English Channel, focus on Southwest Britain., specifically and Cornwall. Several pinker areas appear, identifying Henbarrow, Bodmin, Dartmoor, Blackdown Hills and Exmoor, Quantock Hills, the names of the rivers in the area pop up, the river Fal, the Fowey, The Tamar, The Exe, and the Vale of Taunton, arrows appear, signifying the wind currents from the Atlantic Ocean; two temperature lines appear, one showing the 44 degrees F in January, and the 62 degrees F. in July. The south coast, the palm trees grow in a sheltered bay, small white houses cluster on the shore. A house with many windows, a palm tree grows in front of the house, it has a thatched roof. An elderly couple walk through a public garden, a flower bed full of daffodils waves in the wind. Three cars drive up a very narrow road, other cars coming towards us squeeze past by the hedgerows. A very overgrown hedge row, the top of the hedge protrudes out over the road, pushed over by the wind.
An aerial view of the southern coastline, the waves pounding the tall granite cliffs of the coast. The waves wash up on a large square rock. The aerial view of the shore, the cliffs with many bays and inlets, the waves turning white on the cliffs and the green farmland at the top of the cliffs. The patchwork of green fields juxtaposed by the cliffs. Quite waves lap at the sandy shore of a small cove, surrounded by the high red cliffs.
Aerial view of the mouth of the river Fal, the town of Falmouth?, boats dot the harbour and sail up the river and out on the sea, a large dock projects into the river. The industrial port with large docks where freight ships are unloaded, stretch into the river mouth.
Plymouth harbour, the naval base there, the harbour and the town behind it, the naval ships at the dock. Many people on the beach, sun bathing, and swimming, children run around. The high cliffs along the coast.
A return to the map, Teignmouth, Torquay, and Paignton are identified and then Penzance, then St. Ives, Newquay, Bude and Ilfracombe are located, Looe, Polperro, and Marazion are next, these are all popular tourist destinations.
A busy road through the high street of a village in the summer holiday fine weather. A line of cars on road moving through fields. Passing a traffic jam on a rural road surrounded by hedges, camper vans and cars, and caravans line the other side of the road. On the side of a hill going down to the sea, a full caravan park, the white trailers lined up neatly in rows. The holiday trailer park looking out to the sea. In another site, cars are parked beside camping sites, tents are in the processes of being put up. Children play in amongst the tents. The tall hotels line the shore in the larger centres, while children play in the muddy sand on the beach.
Another town with tall hotels on the hill overlooking the beach, where families play in the sun. A packed beach where families set themselves up with blankets and sun umbrellas, children play in the sand. A promenade on the shore of one of the South west's larger towns, people walk up the stairs to the walkway, others stroll along the wall. Another promenade, with a candy floss store, people lean on the rails of the walkway, others walk along in the same area. Vacationers sit on canvas chairs in the sun, children play in the sea, the typical summer holiday relaxing scene.

A wide beach on the north coast of Cornwall, where the waves are large enough to surf, which one man does on a small wave. A mother with her three children sit facing away from us, eating, the beach lies in the background, other people stand to one side. Holidayers stand on the beach, a light house on the break water in front of them, looking out over the water. The packed beachside road of a south western town, people lean on the rails above the reinforced break water, people walk on the road beside the stores behind. A sailor stands in the middle of a crowd as it moves around him.
A small fishing village climbs the hill beside the sea, boats lie at anchor in the harbour. Boats one beside the other at the wharf , people walk along the dock looking at the boats. Family walks beside a boat where men work in the back of the ship. People walk along the cement wharf looking a the fishing boats. Children and adults lean on the metal guard rails of the seaside walk. A tall ship sits at anchor in old seaside port, people walk along edge to view it, very old eighteenth century looking. Men pull on the ropes of the ship, hauling the sails. Children play on the deck of the ship, going inside the cabin and climbing the stairs to the upper decks. A small ferry moves by the docks, beside other boats. 'Koh-I-Nor Shark fishing Angling Paries' sign. ' Ranger Mackerel Fishing, Lines and Baits supplied. Boats move up and down the river.

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