Film: 9426

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Life and industry in the Scottish Highlands 1960's

Map of Scotland; towns mentioned, and "Southern Uplands" and "Central Lowlands" marked by dotted lines; zoom in to the Highlands; Glen More written on the dividing line; captions "Grampian Highlands" south of it and "North West Highlands" north. Aerial shot of snow-capped Cairngorm mountains. Another, lengthy, shot of the mountains. With lots of fog, an aerial shot of the hedge boundaries and fields below hills, a small town, a loch, and, moving to the right, forest.

From the air, part of the indented, glaciated coastline of the North West Highlands at the Atlantic ocean; an inlet of water. Aerial view of coastline. Snow-capped mountain in the distance. More mountains; cloudy sky. Hillside; hail or snow falls. Countryside, a house; hail. A loch; rough countryside, indented coast; a road leading to a house. A house, smoke blowing from the chimney, on barren land; hillside behind. Mountains in distance; grassy coastline by loch, a few scattered houses. Closer in on the houses.

An abandoned and ruined old cottage in barren grassy land, a fence by it. Abandoned cottages near the coast. Ruined cottages, fence, loch or sea, a pole, rough countryside; pan right to white modern house and telegraph pole. Long road, poles, white houses, barren land. Closer in on stretch of land; man walks down the long road behind a bull and in front of a dog. Coastline, small fields, fences around small area of farming land with a man working, farmhouse. The man digging in one of the small areas of land.

A small fishing village; a wall by the sea; a row of houses; barren hillside in background; small fishing boat on water. Several fishing ships at port; hillside behind. On a plain beneath hills, the fishing town of Ullapool; large fishing boats. Many of the large fishing boats on the sea, the town behind. Two boats on the sea beneath mountains. Aberdeen; sea, seagulls flying around, boat on water, parked boats, buildings on land. Men put fish onto a boat. A man cutting up a fish. Fish being put into a box.

Fraserburgh (?); a boat goes past a lighthouse on the end of a short pier. A man and a boy on a large fishing boat. The boat sailing along the water. Boat sailing towards flat town. Fishing boats parked by the dock. Fish being poured into a container. Closer up. Cars driving along a road; grassy roadside; a few trees; sea to the left. Cars driving along; parked cars to the right; grassy bank on left of road, hills in distance. A coach and many cars; sea to left. A car park by a loch; many trees (small forest), mountain just visible in background through fog. People sitting by loch bank by road. Three people looking out at the loch and a short pier into it, a few fishing boats on the water, hillside in distance.

Three people looking over the water at rocky hillside. Cars and caravans go down road, seen from a grassy bank; loch and hills. A caravan park by the dark blue water. A field, people camping on it with tents; trees, loch, hills. Another view of caravans and tents surrounded by forest. Grass, trees and rough countryside below and on the slopes of Ben Nevis; pan up to the mountain's vertical rocky summit.

Aerial shot of mountains from above the clouds. Aerial shot of mountains. Jutting glaciated coastline; a smaller boat in the water; a larger cruise boat behind. Cruise boat going in front of the coastline. Many tourists on a boat travelling on a loch. A view from further towards the back of the boat. From the right hand side, looking backwards; grassy hillside. People looking over the right side of the boat at seals basking on a tiny island in the loch. Closer view of the seals seen from the boat. Another shot of the same.

A man fishing at a loch; two trees in the foreground. Lots of people standing on a pier; hills in the background; a man water-skiing goes past left to right. Closer view following the man water-skiing. Forest and hills behind; cottages at a holiday centre, cars on the road. Outside the brown or white blocky buildings, people jumping up and down. Paths and blocky buildings at the centre. Crowds of people by shops. A sign for "Speyside Theatre". Building with "swimming pool" sign; people walk down steps to it. Sign "Skating And Curling" on building. "Ice Rink".

A man on a horse on the right side of the road walking towards the camera; cars parked on the left side; buildings. Town centre; bus arrives and picks tourists up; sign "Pony Trekking". People get onto the bus. From a different angle. The bus drives away from the town. People carrying skis walk up a road on a rocky, barren hill; a blocky concrete building below. A ski lift in the snow-covered mountains. The ski lift from a long distance. People skiing on the mountain side. From a long way out, the mountain side full of people. Mountain, patches without snow, people.

A mountain in the distance; a crowd of people gathered in a circle around flat grass to watch the Highland Games. A man in a kilt throwing a shot put. A man walking around with bagpipes, people looking on. A man in kilt throwing the hammer. People dancing around on a stage; a man taking a photograph. The loch, a stony bank. A hill; loch; a dam. The dam; hills background. The tall dam, and bridge above, across the river; pan right to the long rolling hillside through which the river goes. View from the top of the dam; lock to left, rocky hillside. A pipeline on the hill. Pipe; concrete building. Concrete building over loch; hillside behind; pylons. Small pylons on the bank; pan right to more further up the hillside.

Rocky hill; buildings on the grass in the valley. Pipes on the hillside; pan down to buildings below. Lots of buildings. Lots of buildings in a flat area, hillside behind. Sign "Glendullan Distillery"; distillery in distance; river flowing past. A distillery; cars parked. Sign "Parkmore Distillery" on building side. Distillery, its name on the roof; hillside behind. Brick building "William Grant & Sons Ltd The Glenfiddich Distillery"; hills behind, grass and bare trees. Concrete building "White Horse Distillers Limited" with chimney tower.

Loch below a hill or a mountain; pan left among hills. Many tall trees; a van drives along a track past them; rocky countryside; forest in background. Two people digging the ground with spades; same tall trees and track behind. Spades going into the earth; a man stamps ground down. A man cutting a tree down with an electric saw. The tall tree falling over. A man with helmet cutting the fallen tree trunk. Pan across the outside wall of a large pulp mill; smoke comes out from the top; hills in background. Many large stacks of paper; sign on building "Scottish Pulp And Paper Mills".

A lorry driving lots of logs along a road, past long rows of other logs. Outdoors; lots of machinery; a supervisor at the left of the screen pushes some logs in. Trees going lengthwise through machinery to remove the bark from the timber. Several logs going along machinery. The wood is dropped down and chipped. Chips of wood spraying out of machinery outside; piles of it on the floor; a bulldozer pushing it around. A machine used for turning the chips into pulp. The chips being put through a chemical solution. Pulp on a machine; a man picks up some of it. A large vat of pulp; machinery to produce paper. Rolls of paper. The factory, as seen from above; many stacks of paper.

Farming land on the hillside. Harsh countryside; a fence; pan left to a field of sheep the other side of that fence. A man, woman and child walk across grass; many sheep in the background; hillside. Sheep in the field; a sheepdog just visible. Sheep eating. A small lamb. A small stream to the left; to the right and in the background, a tractor ploughing. The tractor, from closer up. Farmer leading cattle out of a barn. Sheep in a hilly field. Cattle on hilly field, some trees. A farmer leading cattle along. Cattle on rough countryside. To the right, a tractor ploughing a field, a dog running behind it; turn left to show a field with some sheep in it. A farmer with sheep on a hilly field. Farmer with sheep and dog, in field, from above and a distance. Credits over aerial footage of towns on coastline.

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