Film: 9427

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Mother and baby come home after birth 1960's

Woman lying in bed after birth of baby with breakfast tray and fantastic bee hive hairdo and perfectly made up face! Woman asleep at night and in the afternoon. Lying on bed doing exercises. Playing with baby in bassinet. Looking at herself in bathroom mirror. A blonde woman walks in the park. Great 1960's kitchen. Woman pouring herself a glass of milk. Making soup at the cooker. Sitting in dining room holding sleeping baby. Close up of sleeping baby. Close up of baby awake. Baby's bath time. How to clean baby and what to use. Close up of mother washing baby's scalp. Cleaning the baby's nostrils, outer ear and other parts of the body. Putting a nappy on the baby. How to give a baby a tub bath. Close ups of washing baby's genitals. Mother and baby lie in bed together. Breast feeding the baby in bed including close up of baby suckling. Mother strokes baby's face. How to feed the baby sitting in a chair. Close up of hand with wedding ring pressing breast to feed baby. Burping the baby. Warming bottle milk. Testing milk on wrist in close up. How milk should pour from bottle. Bottle feeding a baby. Mother puts baby into cot and tucks her in. Baby falls asleep.

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