Film: 9433

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Derby works with Stanier, Locomotive 1045 1930's.
A detailed account from drawing board to finished carriage of stock at Derby Works. The finished corridor third is brought out of the works by MR 4-4-0 compound No 1045; the film includes very rare shots of Sir William Stanier, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the LMS. Film isn't in order.

View of woodland trees in winter, without leaves. Various views of a steel works. A man chopping through a large tree trunk with an axe. Clips of large trees being felled interspersed with footage of metal being shaped in a foundry. A row of railway carriages at Derby carriage works.
Sir William Stanier, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the LMS at his desk with plans or drawings open in front of him. He makes a phone call. At another desk a Mr Pugson, Carriage and Wagon Works Superintendent, is looking over papers. He answers the phone, talks briefly and hangs up. A man enters the office and the two engage in conversation.
In the carriage works men use heavy machinery to make the tyre or wheels of a railway carriage.
Interior carriage fittings are made. Mainly women at work in the factory. Women polish panels furiously. A woman sews straps at a Singer sewing machine. Other women are weaving heavy duty netting for baggage racks. These are then fitted by men to the inside of the carriage. Window frames inserted. Interior light bulbs fitted. Sign painting by hand onto the outside of the carriage, precision pin striping with a fine paint brush. LMS logo sticker applied. Final polishing as the carriage rolls out of the factory and is readied for testing.
There follows a random sequence of shots of various processes in the works, in no particular order.
Testing of the carriage from earlier resumes. A LMS locomotive is shunted up to the carriage and connections and checks are made by a team of men. One gives a hand signal to the driver. One man runs alongside the outside of the factory. The other team of men beckon to him, as though he is missing the testing. He keeps running. Meanwhile the driver moves off amid a large puff of steam. Panning shot of the construction team as they proudly watch the carriage continue down the tracks.

LMS locomotive pulling carriage under steam, from various angles. View of train in the distance and the tracks ahead. (see film 98969) The End.

Film then resumes with the building of the under carriage. Stacks of steel bar. Steel is wheeled into the workshop and craned into place. Machining of steel parts, cutting, welding, bolting of sections together.

The works Forge in operation. Stamping and moulding of metal parts through heat. Super heated part is left to cool. Later it is shown being fitted to its place on the under carriage. Carriage wheels and axles lined up ready for fitting.

The Centre being machined. Axles being made. Wheel balancing is carried out.

Title - Part 3.
Workshop engineer constructs a wooden framework or jig and adjusts its overall size before dowelling or permanently connecting the pieces together, with an overhead machine. Team of carpenters construct the framework for the carriage sides in the factory. Arched wooden beams are placed for the domed roof and metal panels are riveted onto the wooden bracing. Seams or joints are sealed over and taped to create a smooth join before being braced with a further bracket.

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