Film: 9438

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Village life In Switzerland 1950's Near the end is a good shot of a small group of Swiss men yodelling outdoors, as in a choir.

An old man with long grey hair and a bread with an enormous pipe in his mouth sits beside a young girl, his granddaughter, who is dressed in a pinafore, they both looks down at books. A close up of the girl as she concentrates. The two of them sit at the table, the girl writes. Large, ornatey decorated buildings on the slope of a high hill. Two women walk along a road high in a mountain valley, snow covered buildings line the hillside behind them. One end of a curling rink, while a group of men measure distances between rocks, a woman throws a stone in the other direction. The other end of the rink, two boys sweep. A ski slope, slightly rolling, several people ski down it calmly, moving from one side to the other in carefully measured turns. The full veranda of a ski chalet, where people are being served warm drinks and beer. Three men drives along a dirt road surrounded by snow in a horse and cart. Water pours out of the eaves of a house beside icicles. The grandfather emerges from the door of the house, still with the enormous pipe between his teeth, he is dressed in a loose blue jumper , with embroidery along the edges, traditional Swiss costume. He looks up at the bright sky. A terraced hillside with the trunks of vines laid out in rows. Water pours out of the field through a channel in the earth towards a road.
A line of boys with flowered hats on, lederhosen and gigantic bells attached to their belts walk in front of a house. The choir of boys led by their teacher who is dressed in a like manner, on the road of a small village. Close ups of the boys yodelling. They ring their bells by pushing their stomachs forward and back.
Flowers on a window sill, outside the sunshine and the grass is green. The steeple of a church beneath a snow covered mountain top. Sheep with lamps at their sides run in a paddock. The man brushes a lovely looking brown cow with a curry brush (what??). Goats traipse a mountain path herded by two small boys and guarded by a fence on the edge of the cliff. The old man walks out of the gate of his yard, a goat stands by the side, he holds a walking stick and has a pack on his back (Who , the man or the goat?). A little village stretches out in the valley below him surrounded by mountains. The little girl proceeds her grandfather from the house, she carries a pack as well, she stops to adjust it. Her grandfather helps her to move the milk can on her back. They walk together along the road down to the valley. The tall, many windowed houses and buildings of the village.

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