Film: 944

Road Transport | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Short film of a trolley bus journey in Southend On Sea 1950's

A man stands beside a trolley bus, he shakes hand enthusiastically with a man in a Trilby hat. He shakes the hand of third man who is accompanied by his wife. The first man encourages the third to get into the cab. He helps him up and shuts the door. The trolley bus turns from Priory Crescent into Victoria Avenue and begins to climb the hill while a motorbike and sidecar, a car and motorbike pass in the opposite direction. A man in a push bike goes up the hill while a couple pass in front of the camera, as the trolley bus approaches it can be seen that it carries a 'reserved' sign on its destination line. The bus is parked on a busy street (perhaps Marine Parade). On the side of the trolley bus is written 'Southend Corporation Transport'. Various vehicles pass the bus, including an open-top motor bus and four-seated bicycle. The Southend Town Crest can be seen through a pair of shutting doors. Inside the bus are a number of passengers, the bus is busy, some passengers smile at the camera.

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