Film: 9441

Places + Locations | 1970 | Silent | B/W


Bhutan the Himalayan kingdom between India and Tibet. Rushes 1970's

Perhaps Thiumphu Zhong or maybe Punakha Zhong and the coronation of Jigme Singye Wangchuck King of Bhutan
A car arrives. Out comes Rimpoche maybe Sogyal Rimpoche a Buddhist Lama and guards with ladies accompanying, flags and decorations around for an event. They all go up the stairs on a carpet, specially laid. More cars arrive, ladies wearing traditional clothing. Flags, Buddhist symbols, a march of a religious order accompanied by dancers on either side, another march of warriors heading up the staircase. They walk up beside the carpet. A group of pipe players followed by a man riding on an elephant (fully decorated). Wind instrument players follow. Close-up of the elephant's face, younger group follows in a line waving their hands in rhythm. Women with flowers on their heads join in. Women dancers with crowns on their heads, a man of a higher religious denomination plays the cymbals.
Younger ladies behind him waving their hands together. They all seem to be following each other, forming a square, dancing outside the building.
Children all dressed up in traditional costume are waiting outside. Men are waiting with flags in their hands. The police force. A drummer boy leads the kids on a long path next to a garden. Men with gongs in their hands. Religious symbols on wooden poles. The ladies in traditional costume walk in a line, trumpeters turning to the left following a group of men, now up the stairs on a carpet. The elephant is standing by. Dancers turn together before the stairs. We come to an open yard at a Zhong temple, mountains in the background. A big audience is stands all around. Police force go in, two men in a religious costume get on a stage before the entrance.
End of reel.
Two men stand outside the entrance. A military orchestra plays. A command to stop is given. A diplomatic figure arrives, soldiers stand to attention, an officer marches next to him holding a sword up in the air. The orchestra plays again. Pictures are being taken off the diplomat. A few strikes on the cymbals, two decorated long-necked trumpets are played, a row of gong players waiting, dancers, men of a religious order are waiting to greet somebody who arrives in a car. It seems to be their religious leader. A white cloth is passed on from hand to hand, symbolizing offerings. A few hand shakes to a public figure who arrives, possibly the Deb Raja, Penlop (a temporary ruler). A respectable lady is walking behind him. A few people are talking. Zoom in on a flag diagonally dividing two colours with a dragon in the middle. Zoom out to a row of flags and the garden. Buddhist temples, three buildings, decorated roofs. Close up of roses, a view of a town in a valley with a river flowing through, a temple seen from afar - zoom in and out. People walking up a country lane with belongings on their backs, two babies on their mother's backs, a boy walks next to them. End of reel.
Roll 10. Soldiers are marching towards a temple. A military orchestra is playing. Soldiers in a line. Orchestra. Zoom in on trumpet players from the decorated street, approaching the carpeted stairs - a lady accompanied by soldiers is climbing up. An official car arrives with a man and lady with guards. Somebody speaks to the press. Close up. Roll 11. People are going into the temple. In the yard, dancers, big audience all around, a huge picture of a Buddha.
Inside - two fully decorated seats for the religious leadership, zoom in on the higher seat, the young Rim-Po-Che. The women's side also seated on a very decorated chair. Above the young Rim Po Che, a picture of Buddha, on his right an older man in a very special seat. Four men on the right. Two men preparing for the ceremonies, soldiers, fruit arrangements, a golden chariot, people's faces. A man opens a window, leans over to speak to his highness. Outside, dancing and audience. The cymbals player, dancers, monks crossing with offerings, a chef walks with them, monks accompanying their master (?). An old man is revolving a special prayer stick, he walks with the special stick between the flags outside. There is a hand over the camera.
End of roll.

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