Film: 9442

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Life in various parts of the Sahara Desert in north Africa, especially Morocco 1950's

An illustration of sand dunes, a palm tree to the left, a man wearing robes and a camel on the right; title and credits over. Pan across sand dunes in the desert. A spinning globe against black. Zoom in to Africa, and to the Sahara; the word "Sahara" appears; area enclosed in a white border; the shape of the USA, in red, is shown to fit inside this area; the USA shape then fades away. Footsteps and a man's shadow on desert ground; the feet kick at sand. Lengthy pan across small desert plants and mountains in the distance. Flat desert; salt plains. Pan across sand dunes. High winds blowing sand along. A man walking by the side of a tall sand dune; his footsteps in the sand show his path.

A train going along the rail to the right of a sand plain; as it goes past, flat sand and power lines to its right. Two people exiting a train; desert to left, power lines in distance. A road across the desert; rocky land near the camera. A car driving along the road; occasional scattered rocks. Desert, occasional stones; a man carries a bucket towards a car; a woman sitting on the ground. The same man walking over to a truck, with other men around, one carrying a container full of petrol. A man climbs up a ladder to an aeroplane. Men climbing up steps to a plane. Aerial shot of the desert and the wing of the plane.

A small desert town; stone houses. In a town; the town wall, people walking along on the flat sand outside it. A river; palm trees by its side; people crossing. A wall to the left, palm trees behind, a building wall to the right, as a man walks past. Two people digging with their hands in the sand. Someone digging and making small mounds of sand with their hands. Mounds of sand. Stone buildings; two people standing looking at them. An arch under a stone building; people seen through it. Several arches in a row, someone walking through them. Darkness; light seen through an arch.

A man on a horse or a donkey riding past a stone building, large arches at its front, with palm trees behind. The man pushing the donkey. Two men at a table, each wearing a fez, making slippers. People in the market place. Goods in bags laid down together. Cushions. A group of animals. An animal's tail waving about. A truck driving along on the right; large open space, wall in distance, a tent, scattered people. From above, a wall with arches; pan up to show the stone buildings of the village from overhead, and the desert outside it.

From a distance, camels on a road; flat desert either side. A camel's feet as it walks along the road. A camel standing still; plants and palm trees. Camels eating; pan up to show trees behind. Two men on camels; a white row of buildings behind, cars parked outside of it. The two men riding the camels along. Two people lead a camel, with a man sitting on it, along; huge area of flat sand going into distance. Rocky cliff; grass below. Animals moving over the grassy land. Many people riding camels, which also carry packs, on a track; small plants on the sand bank. Camels carrying packs walking past the bank. People walking.

Animals walking along on grass. Two people carry a pack and put it down next to two other packs. Three men with goods. Someone hammers a tent peg. Coarsely woven rope used to tie the tent. A tent in the open desert. Two men tying three sticks together. A person mashes food up in a bowl. Pan across baskets and wooden bowls. A man scrapes wool between two wooden tools. Lots of wool in a wooden container; man scraping. A person twisting wool fibres together. Closer in. Wool being woven through strings. As seen from behind the strings.

Rocky ground; trees in distance. A man on grass amongst palm trees. Fruit on a tree. A red flower. Someone wearing a headdress picking up wheat. Two men leading camels. A camel's feet as it walks. Bowls of food for camels; a man scooping this food into a bucket. Palm trees on grass. Lots of trees. A man climbing up a tree. The man up the tree, picking a leaf; it falls. On the ground, a man picks it up, and carries it along with him. Stone rafters. The top of a palm tree against the blue sky. A boy climbing a tree. The boy hanging on the side of the tree. He hangs on to branches. He sits on the side of the tree. The tree top. Red flowers. Fruit hanging from a tree. Dry fruit in someone's hands. Dried fruit in a basket. Man picking up fruit.

The stone buildings of the village; trees in background. A man walks over a rooftop. Two people walking along on desert; palm trees; mountains or huge sand dunes behind. A boy carries a circular thing around his waist with two buckets on it; plants behind. A woman picking plants up. Hands brushing earth around plants. A river amongst banks with plants on them; pan down to water. Stream flowing amongst sand. A bucket on a rope is dropped through a well and lifted up again. A man at the top lifts up the bucket. Men standing among trees. Water flowing. Men sitting down amongst trees.

A man in a well, he is a diver who unblocks wells. Another man waving something over him. Pan down over the two men. The man in the well dives under the water. The water. The diver returns to the surface after three minutes. He is dried. He sits by a fire and puts his feet over it. Three people pulling a rope downwards. Different people with the rope. A basket or a bucket comes from out of the well hole; a man takes it to the right of the screen. A man turns it upside down to release the sand that had clogged the well.. Mud on the ground. A man in the water; he dives under. Two men pulling a rope. The rope is attached to a bucket going into the hole; they take the basket out and put it on the ground.

A small stream of water amongst palm trees. A man pours water into a wooden channel. A bucket of water lifted from the well and poured. A channel of water in the mud. A white stone building with palm trees around. A car driving down a road. The train; power lines. Steps by an aeroplane; a man pushes something along. A car drives along through palm trees to a building at the end of the road. A man picking wheat. Trees below a huge sand dune. Men on camels crossing the desert. Trees and grass in front of a tall stone wall. A boy walks on sand by a ruined wall. Two men on camels. Footsteps by the tall sand dune. "The End"; illustration of sand dunes, a palm tree to the left, a man wearing robes and a camel on the right.

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