Film: 9443

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Forests in Canada 1960's

A helicopter flies over a large pine forest. The helicopter is dwarfed by the tree covered mountains as it flies through a shallow valley. A green and grey map of Canada, the green marking forested area, expands to show the entire country and part of the United States of America. The boreal forests around Hudson's Bay, the prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Labrador and Newfoundland. Zoom in on British Columbia, the coastal forest turn orange, along the coastline, the lower Alpine forests turn blue in the interior, the mountain turns dark pink in the centre of the province, the Columbia area in the east of the province turns purple; the map zooms to southern Ontario, where the deciduous forest turns yellow, white pine forest along the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River turns pink as the map zooms out, the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island turn red, signifying the pre-eminence of red spruce in those forests. Titles. The shore of Canada's Atlantic coast, low red cliffs give way to sandy beech, birds fly over the still water, the forest rises beyond the cliffs. The red spruce and white pine of the maritime forest. Aerial view of the forest, little undergrowth and slash in the wood lot, a tractor works below dragging tree trunks out of the forest. The tractor works beside a pile of neatly laid logs, chains give it extra traction. The pile of logs, a log lands on top of them. Two men lift an 8 foot piece of log up to the top of the pile. The tractor wheel rolls forward pulling the trailer loaded with logs behind it, the logs are stopped from rolling off by two wooden posts at the back of the flatbed. The boreal forest in Newfoundland, a tree falls as a lumberjack cuts it below, another tree falls, a clearing filled with felled trees on the slope of a hill. The trunk of a tree tips over away from us. A tree trunk falls across another beside another tree. A foot at the bottom of a tree as a hand held chainsaw cuts through the trunk, the tree falls over. A tree trunk splits and moves falls over as the chainsaw cuts easily through it. A tractor backs up over the slash in a clear cut. Two hands work a chainsaw, cutting off the smaller branches from a trunk. Three trees chained together are dragged through the slash. A pile of trimmed logs falls over onto a conveyor belt through a curtain of chains. Water is sprayed hard on top of the logs. Water froths and bubbles under pressure and heat. Steam rises from the water. A logging ship, the Robert McMichael, logs pour out of a chute onto the already full deck creating a huge pile of logs, then the logs pouring away from us down several chutes on the boat, making separate piles. The loaded freighter at sea, filled with logs, neatly piled on the sides and then heaped in the middle of the ship, 360 degree view.

The grey sky through the tree leaves, beech, ash oak and maple in the deciduous forests of southern Ontario. A horse stands tied beneath a tree, a wide grassy field behind. Two hands guide a piece of wood with dowling attached through a table saw. The carpenter moves his body away from the saw and brings the carved dowling with him. The dowling is laid down on a pile of them. A rotary blade makes a groove in the middle of a piece of wood, the blade mechanism is lifted.

A tree debrancher flies up a tree trunk, branches, leaves and bark fall down to the ground. A logging machine clasps a tree around the base of the trunk and squeezes. The machine lifts the tree and, pivoting on its base, lays the tree down. The machine cuts the branches off another tree and lops the top off, the top falls to the ground. The top of the tree wiggles as the machine moves it over and drops it on the pile of other trees. A machine lifts a bunch of 8 foot lengths onto a logging truck, then another machine lowers its pincers into a large low bin. The operator in the cab of the machine, then the length of the arm of the mechanism and then the pincer holding a log. The steel arm of a machine feeds a trunk into a debarker. The log emerges from the other end clean of all small branches, a logger stands at this end watching with a hard hat on, the log rolls down and plops beside another log on the ground.
A machine hovers over rows and rows of test tubes with saplings in them. A man drives a trailer away from us carrying a flat of test tubes. A tree planter walks through an old overgrown clear cut with five layers of test tubes on his back in backpack fashion, another worker bends down to plant a sapling in his roped off square. The face of the tree planter silviculture worker as he leans on his shovel and makes a hole in the ground, another hand puts in the tube with the tree into the ground. The small tree with the white tube protecting it, one leaf sticks out.

The Prairies, a long straight highway runs past a farm, whose buildings are surrounded by trees, around it, the land is full of fields of wheat and other grains, cloud shadows appear on the fields. The farm buildings , the trees grow in a protective circle around them to make vegetables and less hardy crops possible to grow. Poplars and birches ring an entire field of grain.

The Columbia forest region mountain rise covered with pine and fir. A helicopter flies down into a valley. The helicopter flies along the river at the bottom of the valley. The helicopter flies down into a logged area at the bottom of the valley. The fit of a screw starts into a fir trunk. A tree inspector screws in the sampler and inserts a small rod into the mechanism. His hands push the rod in and turn the mechanism again, he pulls out a core sample of the wood. His hands hold the sample and count rings with a pen. Water ripples, reflecting a measuring stick, the stick is stuck in the ground at the edge of the water. An inspector holds a sample bottle under a small waterfall, he pulls it out with the sample. Water flows quickly over rocks. Forested slopes and then op en grass land on the lower slopes of the valley, cows graze on the slope. High mountainous country, sparsely forested. A small town, a railroad borders one side of the town and a highway hems in the other. Tall straight fir trees of the boreal wilderness. The neatly laid out housing estates of a lumber mill town. A logging mill in Northern British Columbia works, pumping smoke into the air. Mountains covered with forest. Trees stand on the side of a mountain. The fern covered undergrowth of a coastal forest. The tall straight trunks of fir trees.
A logger works with a chainsaw, the saw cuts a wedge out of a fir trunk. The tree topples, the trunk splits and the tree falls to the ground. Over two stumps the trunk is dragged by chains. The chains pulls the trunk over the ground, the log comes to rest beside another log. A logging truck drives along a dirt road with a loaded with a pile of logs that is topped by an enormously thick log. A tree planter hacks at the ground. His hands put a tree into the ground and move the soil around it. His hand holds the top of the tree. His hands take another tree out of his sack, he bends over to plant it. He holds the top of the tree as he pats the dirt around it down with his foot.

A sheet of plywood moves along a conveyor belt. From below, the plywood sheets move along the belt. The wood moves through rollers. Sheets of wood are shot out of the machine and stacked. A narrow board moves through rollers. The board is wet, it is turned over. A stack of boards, just the edges of them, one more is put on top, dripping with varnish or paint. A flathead screw turns in to the pile of boards. The pile of boards bends, turned on its side. A forklift drives backwards with its load on, through the storage area with a load of boards. Men walks through a stock pile. Lumber is loaded onto a ship, men watch as the crane works. A finger presses and holds down a button. A pipe curves. Water pours through a pipe with a small tube inside it. Water ? Pours out of a tube. Water pours down amongst a two pipes. Sawdust piles up. Quick machines which work in the lumber industry. Metal rollers in a line, possibly in a paper mill. A tug boat moves through a river choked with logs floating on the top, the logs bob in the water. A log with know in it moves in the water. The logs move up and down on the waves. Branches and leaves wave in the breeze. Thick branches then the veranda of a modern architectural style house, all angles, children walk on the porch and look over the edge, waving their arms. The edge of a clear cut with fallen logs, logger works cutting down trees. Two neatly cut logs are lifted off the ground by a crane beside a boat. The steep roof of a house. A child climbs a tree trunk. A tree cutting machine. Logs are dragged across the ground. A child hangs by its arms from a tree branch. Two children in a tree. Profile of a young girl looking up. A chainsaw cuts down a tree. Logs splash into the water. A hoe and a basket of saplings, the hoe makes a hole in the ground and a hand puts a tree in the hole. Another tree is put in a hole a stick moves the dirt in around it. Tree planters move forward over the ground. One stoops and makes a hole and plants a tree. Three children walk through the forest over fallen trunks. A wide expanse of forest. The helicopter flies over the forest.

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