Film: 9449

Shipping | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Fishing communities and lifeboat rescue

A stranger, a man in his thirties, approaches an English fishing village along a cliff-top pathway. Descends to fishing village with fishing boats on the beach. Seems to be setting up as fisherman. Commentary suggests he has problem with the locals who are a closed community and do not welcome strangers. They are 'main men' not 'harbour men' (I.e. they operate from the shore not from a harbour.) He gets to know the store owner who tells him the story of the title. Rugged old fisherman (Amos Perkins) with fisherman son does not approve of lifeboats nor coastguards.

His son helps with the lifeboat and this causes a six-year break with his father who does not speak to him. Father falls on hard times and has to operate a smaller boat. Sets off to sea one day in spite of warning of bad weather. Takes apprentice type boy with him. There are only two in the boat. Gets into difficulties but does not call for help. He is observed to be in difficulties by the coastguard. All hands to the ropes as the lifeboat is launched but Amos spurns their assistance. Rescuers hang about for an hour or more because they know he will not be able to bail out the boat alone. Eventually they go in and take his boat in tow. He climbs onto lifeboat but will not talk to his rescuers. His son offers him some rum but he refuses. In spite of the lifeboatmen's efforts Amos's boat sinks. Eventually Amos, his son and the chief lifeboatman Bill Ring become friends. Scenes of fishing village and fishing huts.

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