Film: 9462

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Dramatised training film. Telephones in business 1950's

A businessman, Cliff, returns home from work to an apartment block and calls out for his wife, Ellie. He puts his hat and coat in the cupboard. His wife doesn't come running and he looks at his watch. She arrives after him and hurries in talking about her day's shopping. They have a 'Honey I'm home' type conversation. He is put out that his dinner wasn't ready and she says that she left a message for him at work but he didn't get it. She puts on an apron and starts to prepare dinner in the kitchen. He unloads her groceries from a brown paper bag. She chatters on about how long it took to leave a message for him.
In his office, he talks to Natalie on the switch board. She is a bright girl with short dark hair and bright red lipstick. She has a headset and mouthpiece and pulls wires in and out of the board while she talks to him. She says a big problem is people not answering their phones correctly.
Cliff walks into his office and says good morning to his secretary, Winnie. The phone is ringing and she starts to give him his messages. She is quite scatty and he instructs her to answer the phone first. A man comes into his office with a bill which a customer has been overcharged. Cliff says he will look into it and tells Bob to give the company a ring to explain what is going on. Bob begins to tell Winnie to find the number for him and Cliff berates him for not finding it himself.
We see Natalie on the switchboard ringing information for the number and missing a call to the company while she is doing it.
Cliff speaks into a tape recorder, a letter to be typed. He then picks up the phone and asks Natalie for an outside line. She says that she will connect him but he says he would rather do it himself. He gets through to a man in another office who smokes while he talks. He tells Cliff that the company just lost an account from being messed around on the telephone. Cliff recalls everyone he has spoken to and records a memo for Winnie to type. He lists the ways to improve telephone efficiency. Close-up of the typed memo.


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