Film: 9463

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Oswego, New York State, on Lake Ontario, U.S.A. 1940's

Industrial exterior scene, barges on the canal, sign says 'Port of Oswego, Gateway to Atlantic sea board'. One shot of main street, newspaper office exterior, paper boys leave office to their bicycles outside, boy on bike throws paper into porch of white picket fence house. Court house, high school, churches, women sit under tree, street signs, children on the sidewalk, woman with pram, postman with letters, signs in window 'serving our country' indicts that there's a soldier in the household, man gets into car, people on the street, exterior of factory, with cars outside, woman in overalls, heavy and medium industry, riveting boiler, heavy hammer with hot metals, sharpening knives of large grinder, metal sparks and welding man in visor. The factory makes tanks. Two tanks produced a day. Tank on rail bogey, American family outside idyllic U.S.A. house with porch. United Nations Day introduced by Roosevelt. Mayor Scanlon of Oswego at a meeting. Outside house in vegetable garden. Wife with carrots in basket with husband and his pipe. Old man on veranda of house with children on the steps. Woman with broom on steps of house, very typical weather board house with porch and steps. Building a podium in the town square. Carpenters build with logos of countries and the U.N. Brazil Canada, Mexico, Great Britain hoarding showing those countries. U.N. parade through streets, soldiers and sailor sign autographs. Formal welcome. Mayor at microphone, people watch. Pledge 'to sustain the democratic way of life against all tyranny'. Band plays factory workers listen to speakers. Ships loaded at night. Lend lease. Crane working. Newsprint unloaded. People coming out of a large church, all in Sunday best. Priest shakes hands. Girl and boy on bicycles through countryside. Boy is a sailor. They stop at a farm. Girl brings lemonade. Farmer and cows go by farm. Swimming in the lake. Sailor plays with girl putting his hat on her. Women and soldiers together in World War Two. Carnival. Soldiers eat candyfloss. Ferris wheels, coconut, shy, fast ride. People in car of a ride. Mother in kitchen with corn flakes for breakfast, she pours out the coffee for a soldier. They eat breakfast together. Woman peels potatoes while naval officer talks to her. He advises her on the salad dressing. Boy makes model planes. He has charts showing models and model planes hang from the ceiling. Talking on the porch. Sailor asleep under a tree. Armed forces hats in a pile. At the dinner table. Crowds of people saying good by at train station. Train leaves, soldiers wave. Flags in a line.

(Note - Oswego was where Jewish refugees were interred by Americans during World War Two - not mentioned in this morale boosting film)

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