Film: 9466

Education | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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An educational film on road safety for children 1970's

We follow a mother and her son Mark as well and their neighbour Angela as they demonstrate various road safety methods for crossing roads. Staff and pupils of Flakefeet Infants School, Fleetwood and Roebuck County School, Preston.

The film begins with a small boy opening the front door to his house, he is wearing a bright red polo-neck jumper and shorts. He throws a football against a wall. Car drives down the street. Camera shows boy kicking the ball against the wall. Ball rolls into the road where the car is driving. Boy stands on the pavement facing the road. Interior of car, man's foot moves onto the brake, brown shoes. Close-up of boy. Mother walks out of the house, sees her son (Mark), looks annoyed. Boy picks up his squashed football. Mother tells Mark off, close-up of her face. Camera pans back, she takes the ball from the boy, throws it to the side of the road. Girl walks out of house next door, her name is Angela. Mother, Mark and Angela hold hands and begin their walk to school.

Camera pans up to the sky which is blue. Music, (Follow the Green Cross Code), words appear on the screen and voiceover states: 'this is the way we go to school.' Credits. Street with parked cars. The three walk along. Mother guides them between the parked cars to cross the road. Angela stops the mother. Close-up of mother's face. Close-up of girls' face. View of car driving down the road from between parked cars. View of mother from the car as it drives along. Angela shakes her hand. Close-up of parked cars. Angela points to a safe place to cross. The three walk to the safe place, no parked cars. They stand near the curb. View of their feet standing near the curb, ready to cross. The three look left and right down the road. Car passes them. Looking and listening for traffic. They walk across the road. They walk towards the camera., holding hands. They walk along a pavement, possibly talking about road safety. They walk past the camera. Camera films them as they walk away. Stop at another road, busy, yellow and red cars pass by. Voiceover describes their actions. Stand next to each other on the curb. Close-up of Angela talking about how they will cross the road. Large concrete island in the middle of a main road. Mother nods. They cross over to the island. They stand on the island, waiting for traffic to pass. Mother, Mark and Angela cross the road. They smile and continue walking. They pass a garden and houses on their way to school. They turn a corner. Music and someone singing 'follow the Green Cross Code.' Another busy road. The three stand waiting to cross. Close-up of a subway sign. They walk down into the subway. Camera films them walking up other side of the subway.

They stop outside a newsagents. Shop window and display. Mark wants to have a football in display, which is seventy five pence. Camera pans out, mother moves him past the shop. Continue their walk to school. Old man waits to cross a road, traffic warden stands in the road, the three join the old man. They wait to cross. Camera pans out and warden signals them to walk. Camera follows them as they walk away. They walk into the school grounds. Camera inside school entrance. Mother and son walk into building, children's' coats hanging up on pegs. Series of Children's' paintings on road safety. Mark points at a painting. Mother and boy walk into the classroom. Children sit at desks. Teacher takes Mark's hand and sits him down at a table with other children. They build Lego. Clock on a wall, it's nine thirty in the morning. Hands of the clock fast forward to three thirty in the afternoon. Children leave the table. Mark shows the teacher a drawing. Teacher holds Mark's hand and they walk out of classroom. Home time, Angela waits for Mark. He shows her his drawing. They walk out of the school gates.

Policeman stops traffic and lets Mark and Angela cross the road. Policeman wears a white overcoat. The boy and girl continue their walk home, talking as they go, They turn a corner. They stand on a curb, away from parked cars. Close-up of Angela and Mark. Close-up of their feet standing near to the curb. They look up and down the road for traffic. Camera film them from the opposite side of the road as they cross. They meet other school children. Lolly-Pop Lady. Close-up of Lolly-Pop Lady. Children approach the pavement to cross. Lolly-Pop Lady walks into the road and stops the traffic. The children cross. Newsagent shop. Mark and Angela stop in front of the window. Football has gone. They walk away.

Busy road and bridge above it. Mark and Angela discuss how they will cross this road. Footbridge. They walk up and along the footbridge. They stop to look at the traffic below. Music and singing, 'follow the Green Cross Code.' Another road to cross. Pelican Crossing. Mark presses button to stop traffic. 'Wait' lights up. Close-up of traffic light, red man turns to green. They cross the road. Green man flashes. They walk along pavement on the other side of the road. Mark and Angela walk through a park. Voiceover states that they are re-capping what they have learned about road safety. Flashbacks of their travels to and from school; the policeman, the Lolly-Pop Lady, the subway, the footbridge, the Pelican Crossing and crossing the road away from parked vehicles. Flashback of mother, Mark and Angela crossing roads, standing on concrete island.

Mark and Angela continue their walk through the park, they look at Mark's drawing. They sit on a wall. Boy waves to his mother. Mother waves back. Mother approaches Mark and Angela, looks at his drawing, she gives Mark a new football. Mark runs into a field with the ball, Angela follows. Mother holds the drawing, she smiles. Close up of Mark's drawing of a subway. Music and 'Follow the Green Cross Code.'

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