Film: 9467

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A magazine-style programme, for likely exported viewing in an English speaking African nation like Tanzania or Kenya 1960's

Hosted by two unidentified black women. Comments by the hosts are very unusual, sometimes bordering on the juvenile. Particularly speaking to their guests formally
(" Mr Roberts…Mr Rowntree will now show us…" etc.) Bizarre!!

Greeting Cards - greeting cards made especially for African people. Interview with two men involved, "Mr Roberts" (the financier) and "Mr McLeod" (the designer). The hosts are unimpressed.

New Serum Injector - meant to be safer than needles. "Mr Rowntree" demonstrates how it works on one of the presenters then gives an actual demonstration using paper and a glass. Sequence includes footage of African ? Natives in a refugee camp ? Receiving injections. Shots of adults and children receiving treatment from white doctors.

Money and Currency - discussion by one of the presenters about the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales. A man on a forklift moves tins of coins. Shots of how the coins are made, including a close up of a coin made for Tanzania. Lots of excellent close ups of coins on factory conveyor belts.

Music - A five piece all black group, The Greyhounds mime a song 'Sand In Your Shoes' sung in English. Studio shots of the band are interspersed with footage of numerous African (?) Pacific Island (?) coastal scenes.

The two hosts then give a London postal address for any correspondence.

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