Film: 9468

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Bolivia South America. Life for a Bolivian Indian family in the Alto Plano at 14,000 feet. 1960's

Close up of a Indian boy's face. He wears a woollen hat. He looks over a rocky valley and throws a stone. He is a shepherd boy and walks past sheep grazing on a barren hillside. From window of airliner we see the snow-clad Andeans mountain range. On a dusty rural road, four Bolivians walk to camera. One plays a drum and three play pipes. They wear ponchos. These men are Imara Indians. They walk straight at camera. Map of South America hones in on Bolivia. Flat countryside with a horse and cow ambling slowly by. Man accompanies them. The area is the Alto Plano. Grazing llama and its cria or young llama, pan up to mountain. Woman throwing down hay for two animals to graze at within a stockade area. Shepherd-boy herding flock of sheep. Pan up to snow-covered Andean mountain. In field Indian man uses cattle to plough. Close up of man's head - he wears a felt hat, quite like a cowboy hat. On a cloth he sorts potatoes. Boy and his father adjust yoke on pair of cattle. Woman closely looking at wool as she spins yarn. She wears a bowler-shaped hat. Old woman trimming potato for the cooking pot. Smiling eight year old girl. The little household 'wish-god' Iteko? Which has its tongue sticking out. On a shelf on external wall of adobe brick home. Ten year old boy offers a toy truck to the god. Squatting boy attempts to feed dog. Father folds play money as his offering to the toy god. Mother offers small sachet of sugar. Little girl offers a coloured basket. School of boys. Boys in playground. Boys play marbles? Men making adobe bricks and drying them in the sun. Man treads the clay and straw mix down. Boy watches. Boy and girl stand side by side - she in her bowler hat shaped hat and he in his woollen hat with flaps on it. Poncho wearing Bolivians squatting outdoors by pot cooking on fire. Father leans his plough against thatched roof of house. Bread baked in outdoor over is removed on a flat long handle shovel. It has two loaves on it. Woman puts one ladle of soup (which is basically potato with a little meat) into boy's bowl which she gives to him. Girl by boy's side eats. Man drinks directly from his bowl. Family sit around outdoors at end of meal talking. Boy feeds dog which is standing half out of its adobe brick kennel (which is incorporated in the whole house structure). Boy approaches the wall shelves where the god is kept. Tiahuanaca and ruins of ancient stone temple with the boy standing next to a column. Boy removes his hat. Symbols on stone of Inca-type designs of men. As boy runs around site a railway train slowly trundles along in the far distance. Boy walks over ruins. He crawls about. He finds ancient copper relics to sell to tourists. He approaches two American (?) tourists at the ruins. Close up of hands of boy counting out a wad of bank notes. Boy without his hat looks up and smiles. Wearing hat he walks in modern countryside. At home, father prepares mule or donkey to leave. Mother holds rope of donkey. Woollen harness and tack fitted to donkey. Wheat is loaded on. Girl approaches with her pet rabbit which she holds up. Boy leads donkey off. Close up of girl cradling rabbit. Mother escorts donkey, husband and son. At road, father and boy hitch a lift, climb into back of what is nearly a shooting brake type of estate car. They are waved of by woman. Woman leads donkey off. Car driving very slowly on rough road. The boy's face seen inside the car. Big open-topped truck with slatted sides entering a gate marked La Paz. In market place of la Paz, the seat of government of Bolivia, boy and man unload the car. Men discuss produce in foreground. Boy and man walk past large numbers drawn on wall which are there to allocate stall numbers. They stop by available number 21. Father indicates boy may leave. Boy standing outside the Capitol building. Business buildings and offices eight storeys high. Boy looking I rather empty shop window. It is a travel agent's. Close up of a poster advertising a cruise with 'Grace Line' cruises. Boy outside a shop selling fiesta materials such as a devil's mask.
Fiesta procession. Men dressed up in gorgeous devil costumes walk along street. Devil dances. Huge audience in open area. Left handed man strumming a guitar. Cavorting devils dancing. Boy approaches a toy shop. Close up of face of male shopkeeper - also a Bolivian Indian. Boy picks up large red toy truck. Boy counts out notes and smiles. Boy sitting in cab of real red truck, apparently turning the steering wheel and pretending to drive. The truck moving away. Boy smiles as he pretends to drive. In motion in the countryside, passing a tall cactus. Long shot of truck on road creating a dust cloud. Boy carrying model truck cradled in his arms. Outside the family farmhouse home, girl holds her rabbit and boy plays with his truck. Woman spinning wool with a spindle whorl - a wooden weight with hook attached - pulling out the fleece. Boy and father walk up hillside.

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