Film: 9470

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A hospital corridor. A blood transfusion bottle is used in an operation. A nurse takes out a blood bottle from a box which says "Blood Transfusion Service" 1950's

Close up of surgery equipment (respiratory aids ? ). A nurse answers a 1940's telephone, she then goes to a cabinet containing blood bottles and consults a paper before selecting a blood bottle (of the correct blood group). A technician then checks the blood group present in the bottle. Blood cells under the microscope (clumping), followed by blood cells mixing successfully. The technician clearly labels the patient's name on the blood bottle. Staff working in the Regional Transfusion Centre Laboratory in Bristol. Close up of staff sorting out blood into blood groups. Wire racks with blood bottles. Wire racks full of blood bottles are stored in the refrigerator. A man arrives from a hospital, he is collecting blood. A member of staff takes a piece of paper to a doctor. Panorama of Bristol docks. Rooftops of Hotwells in Bristol. Three woman talk outside a doorway in a street in Cliftonwood in Bristol, one is carrying some groceries another is carrying two milk bottles. A toddler plays on the kitchen floor with empty pots and pans. A stove (cooker), Victorian sink and maybe a 1940's washing machine are visible behind the toddler, a cat streams pass the camera. Close up of the toddler’s face. A top view of the toddler playing on the kitchen floor, a saucepan is boiling on the cooker. The toddler picks up the cat and places it inside an empty pan, he strokes the cat, the toddler looks up at the boiling pan and obviously, and pulls it over himself. An ambulance. A doctor orders plasma for the toddler. Close up of plasma bottles. The burned toddler and his mother arrive at the hospital. The mother waits anxiously. Close up of the toddler' face wrapped in gauze, two nurses and a doctor start to treat him with plasma. The doctor talks to the toddler’s mother.

An aeroplane with an airman. Airman donating blood, afterwards one starts to smoke while another drinks a cup of tea. An industrial estate (I think in Bristol, 1940's). A National Blood Transfusion Service van passes through the industrial estate. National Blood Transfusion teams collecting blood from donors. Close up of some of the donors. Blood bottles. Staff of the regional transfusion centre talk about special donors, overview of staff working at the centre, including the card index files. Blood bottles are cleaned and sterilised. A blood donation poster ("Donor session") outside a large building. An elderly man arrives at the blood transfusion centre, he smokes a pipe and observes a little girl who is waiting for her mother. A nurse welcomes him and sits him near the little girl who starts chatting to him. Close up of the girl's mother being prepared to donate blood, she is first tested for anaemia and passes the test. The elderly man and the girl talking, her mother arrives to collect her. The elderly man, who is 65 years old, donates blood, it is the last time he donates blood, he has given blood 26 times. Blood flowing from the donor onto the bottle. A woman in hospital. A woman breast feeds her baby in hospital. Close up of a new born baby crying. Close up of a nurse wearing a protective mask. Close up of the baby breast feeding. A Bristol road, St Michael's Hill, a Blood Transfusion van drives past a man walking up a road and smoking a pipe.

10ft Surgeon on operating theatre waiting for blood which arrives
31ft Hospital laboratory arranges to cross-match another pint
70ft Microscope slides of clumbing if wrong blood given
94ft Regional Blood Transfusion Centre grouping blood
167ft View over Bristol docks; pans to a street
192ft Child playing at home with boiling saucepan nearby
209ft Child scaled and admitted to hospital
242ft Plasma given
270ft Blood donor sessions
295ft Session in a factory
366ft Blood Transfusion Centre director; registry of donors
414ft Washing bottles and preparing blood giving sets.
449ft A donor arrives at a giving session and his blood collected
560ft Blood administered to a patient 3 days later

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