Film: 9476

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Above knee amputation in Physical Medicine Limb Fitting Centre, Roehampton, London 1950's

14ft amputee patient in bed doing exercises for the leg stumps. Seems to be enjoying himself.
56ft Exercises in a group outdoors, a group of male amputees do exercises on a lawn.
82ft Deep breathing exercise
87ft Remedial exercises with a group
124ft Competitive ball games for exercise and t improve morale
182ft In a wheel chair
202ft 'Rocker Pegs', their advantages and in use by patients
265ft Full length articulated prostheses for patients with double disarticulation at the hip or born with complete absence of lower extremeties
421ft Man putting on trousers over his prosthesis
444ft Woman putting on prosthesis
463ft Dressing
470ft Woman getting out of bed and walking

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