Film: 9481

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Life of a trainee dental student 1950's

Dentist Front door of surgery. Close up of sign 'Examination in progress'. Girl with fellow students in exam hall, she writes, finishes exam, invigilator collects papers. Close up of entertainments listings with thumb. Girl walks into living room with parents seated. She sits down, strokes redsetter dog, then goes and sits with parents and pours over book. Four shots of letters falling into letter box. Girl opens letter, smiles as she has passed exams, and goes to show her father seated at bureau. He kisses and hugs her. Girl shows letter to dog. Front of classical building with circular entrance and columns. Students seated in lecture room taking notes. Lecturer with skeleton giving anatomy lesson. Puts finger in models mouth. Close up of finger brushing along teeth. Close up of model of stomach. Lecturer takes out section of model's stomach. Bottles of chemical specimens. Two shots of students working in lab. Two male students sitting studying at desk wearing white coats. Woman takes large book off shelf. Close up of text book. Two shots of student studying at desk.

Students taking notes in lecture theatre. Woman brushing teeth in mirror. Bowl of apples. Students seated on steps of college. Close-up of 'Dental School' sign. Hand spreads out teeth on table. Model of teeth in metal brace / vice. Teeth stored in antiseptic bowl. Student seated at table. Teeth on table, hand fingering metal dental instruments. Students standing in line fitting teeth into a metal jaw. Student working at desk, supervisor or tutor looks over her shoulder. Student places jaw with teeth on instrument known as 'phantom head', used for students to learn movement of jaw and position of teeth. Tutor comes over to look at jaw. Tutor places rubber mask over model's 'head' and tells students what to do. Student inspects head with mirror and probe. Tutor looks over and then shows student how to inspect properly. Student then examines teeth with probe and mirror. Close up of tooth with hole/cavity. Tutor takes student over to cabinet. Close up of two models of teeth, one with superficial cavity, the other with deeper cavity. Student goes back to 'phantom head' Close up of drill heads. Student takes drill to tooth. Blows away dust from teeth. Hand takes scraper and mirror from drawer. Close up of tooth prepared for filling. Tutor inspects student's work and nods approval. Close up of tools. Close up of mixing cement for lining. Lining placed into cavity. Preparation of metallic filling. Amalgum gun applies filling to tooth cavity. Filling packed into tooth. Filling trimmed and finished. Student calls over tutor to inspect, who approves and signs her book. Student Christmas party, with Christmas tree, food on table and people wearing hats.

View of dentist's chair. Foot adjusts position of chair. Hand adjusts position of head rest. Finger points to attached instruments. Spray and atomiser warm air jet used on specimen jar. Suction tube sucks water from specimen. Spittoon. Swivel tray with attached instruments. Brushes fitted into drill, foot switch. 'Conservation Room'. Students working on patients. Close up of mouth being scaled. Close up of teeth being polished, patient rinses mouth. Tutor comes to inspect and signs book. Patient gets up and leaves, 'Orthodontic Room'. Student fits girl with brace. Demonstration of use of screw on brace. Student puts brace in mouth, tutor signs book. Close up of dinner plate. Students seated at table eating, apples handed round. Students studying, sweet handed round. 'X-ray room', close up of X-ray. Child seated on X-ray machine, attended by dentist and nurse. 'Anaesthetic Room'. Anaesthetic machine with pump for N2O and O2, demonstration of use. Boy in chair prepared for extraction, gas applied to nostrils. Nurse takes out extraction instrument, hands it to student who then extracts tooth. Tooth placed on tray. Boy wakes up and mouth is cleaned. Student washes hands. Boy smiles. Students in lecture theatre. Record card with assessments. Senate House, University of London. Degree scroll on breakfast table. Student sits with parents at table and opens scroll. Father smiles, dog looks up. Close up of certificate.

Student has graduation as a dentist and picture taken. Close up of camera lens. Pictures being dispatched by post. Publicity for children's dental clinic. Exterior of clinic. List of practicing dentists. Girl sits in waiting room and is called into surgery. Door with smile poster is closed behind child. Girl sits in chair, dentist looks inside mouth. Girl opens mouth to reveal poor teeth for dentistry. Dressing applied to tooth. Girl leaves, a boy is shown into surgery. Boy sits down , opens mouth - good teeth. Dentist nods and inspects teeth. Waiting Room. Appointments Book. Dentist browses appointment book. Boy cleans teeth in mirror. Girl cleans teeth. Dentist cleans teeth in mirror, dog watches.

8ft Children sitting GSE examination
47ft Marion awaits result
73ft Selected by university for dentistry
91ft in dental school
131ft Having finished second-year exams, Marion starts on teeth
168ft Working on 'phantom jaw'
223ft probing teeth in 'jaw'
272ft Prepares a cavity and
325ft fills it to satisfaction of tutor
403ft Begins on live patients; demonstration of surgery equipment
468ft The drill (motor with belts and pulleys)
485ft Treats first patient, a lady
542ft treats her first child
604ft X-ray equipment
620ft Anaesthetic machine
692ft End of course; receives her degree
736ft Starts work in a children's clinic

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