Film: 9485

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | Colour


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Surgical Treatment Of Lumber Disc Protusions, severe backache or back problems 1940's

15ft A typical case - milk roundsman at 36 with pain in lower back and down back of lower left leg
45ft Investigations
60ft Scoliosis
71ft Pressing neck veins
78ft Straight-leg raising
90ft Raising both legs and drop test
104ft Neurological examination
190ft Xrays
216ft Diagnosis: Left sided protrusion of last intervertebral disc
219ft Excision of disc protrusion
246ft Adrenaline infiltration
263ft Incision
324ft Segment of 5th lumbar lamina exercised
364ft Disc material extruded through incision
424ft Retractors removed
440ft Incision closed
475ft Dressings
488ft Post-op examination
536ft Demonstration of exercises

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