Film: 9486

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Development of Manipulation 1950's

27ft Newborn baby compared with 10-week old
35ft grasp reflex
57ft hands clenched
69ft cannot hold ratttle
90ft 12 weeks reaches for object
175ft 24 weeks goes for things
277ft At 24 weeks grasps with palms
284ft More adept at 40 weeks
252ft Begins throwing things away
374ft 15 months builds a two cube tower
400ft 3 years 10 cube tower
416ft 15 months feeds himself
450ft 30 months feed baby too
466ft turning book pages
487ft 2 years threads beads
498ft 2-2 1/2 years puts on gloves & socks
521ft 3 1/2 fastens buttons
537ft Traced development from babyhood maturity

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