Film: 9487

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Special Equipment for Hospitals. Carlson House School for Spastics, Harborne, Birmingham 1950's

Intro: Adapting equipment for use by cerebral handicapped children.
17ft Children getting ready for school day in the nursery unit; Leather patches on trousers and steel toe caps aid crawling
35ft Older children; trays attached to table by 'bull-dog' clips
100ft Tables can be clipped together and covered with rubber mats
137ft Beaker and straw supported to help child to drink
197ft Advanced arithmetic using colour keys
236ft Boy trying to write his name
298ft girl using typewriter
397ft Boy typing columns of figures and drawing a picture
468ft Severely handicapped athetoid girl with modified typewriter
490ft Summary; ideas developed at Carlson House

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