Film: 9497

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Dentistry and Anaesthesia in the dental chair 1940's for dental operations

(includes good c/u of injection into arm)
30ft "The average patient". Woman enters
52ft sits in chair and her position is adjusted
82ft strapped into chair
120ft Mask applied and nitrous oxide, with no added oxygen, given
153ft Hand placed over mouth
249ft Dentist starts
272ft Upper tooth extracted
290ft Anaesthesia discontinued and patient wakes.
308ft "Mistakes"
428ft "Difficult cases": patient with trismus
505ft Obstinate mouth breather (male)
530ft Extraction
570ft Struggling patient
616ft Nervous patient snatches mask off
718ft Equipment for general anaestesia in the chair. Demonstration of the Macintosh bag

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