Film: 95

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Horace Goldin the magician and illusionist performs a stage act with assistants 1930's

Sign on door reads "Mystic Club. President Horace Goldin".
An audience sit wearing posh frocks and bow ties. A policeman enters (a sergeant with three stripes on his arm) and walks into the top of the aisle with a bloodhound on a lead. He looks up towards the stage where two lovely ladies with short dresses assist the magician Horace Goldin in his act. Goldin is a portly gentleman wearing a tail coat, and he performs an illusion with a long piece of white fabric. He cuts the material with scissors and ties it back together. The girls hold either end across the stage and he makes the knot disappear so that the fabric is in one piece again.
A stage hand brings on a bird in a cage on a stand. Horace takes out the small bird and apparently wraps it in a pocket handkerchief. Then he appears to shoot it with a pistol, and the bird is transported to a light bulb shaped glass jar, then released into another cage.
One of the lovely ladies holds out a tray with an alarm clock on it. Horace covers the clock with a scarf and removes it from the tray. He drops the scarf and the clock disappears. Shot of the audience with the bobby and the dog still watching.
Male stage hands bring on a box with a lid on a stand and a suitcase. One takes rabbits out of the case and hands them to the illusionist. Horace puts them in the box, holding them by their ears. The lid is shut, then the box and stand are taken to pieces and the rabbits have disappeared! Horace holds up the base of the stand for the audience to see.
An easel and a white paper board are brought onto the stage. A light is shone onto the board and Horace does shadow puppetry. He makes the shape of a rabbit, then puts his hand through the paper and produces a real rabbit from thin air. He performs the illusion again, and this time creates a white dove. The third time he produces a small dog, which he lays down on its back, pretends to cut open at the stomach, and produces from its belly, a black and white rabbit which he holds up by its ears. The rabbit is screwed up into a scarf (similar to the clock trick) and disappears. Goldin throws the scarf towards the audience.
The policeman leaves with his dog, looking over his shoulder.
A female assistant - now dressed in an ankle length dress - lies down on a sofa. She is covered up with a blanket. Horace lifts her up with apparent ease and throws the blanket to one side - and she too has disappeared!
A stage hand puts a chair in the middle of the stage. It is hinged, and the magician quickly folds it up into a carry case and bows to the audience who applaud him.

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