Film: 9501

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Cold war film about how Soviet Union access British security systems though subterfuge and other spy techniques, oh so Cold War and so like a spy novel that it is now quite funny 1950's

Man with a very plumy accent enters a lecture theatre with a screen and projector and a few people in the audience. We think he is the British secret service training british spies but he's not, he's a Russian spy training other to be Russian spies and work in the field. He put up on a board British Protective security systems but he's not as British as he sounds. He explains to his pupils how to manipulate a spy contact to work against the British secret service. He is a double agent.
Crowded London streets with lots of potential marks.
The "British are naturally unsuspicious" and photography doesn't worry them. But they are Bourgeois and capitalist so don't be deceived by the British. How can we overcome them. The enemy have become more security conscience and recruitment of agents has become harder. How do we get their documents. USSR top brass suddenly enter the classroom Comrade Commandant asks to see a practical exercise. The lecturer says to get agents that higher enough authority to access top secrets is the wat they should operate.
(breaks off)

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