Film: 9502

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Sex Education 1950's
Mother and children in bathroom. Two children are in the bath splashing each other. Little boy's penis and testes are mentioned by name but little girl's vagina is "a little passage way inside themselves which opens to the outside in roughly the same place" (huh?). Father towels son, mother towels daughter. Lido swimming pool. Young men and women meet each other by side of pool and dive in. Shape of woman compared to that of a little girl standing beside her at the pool. Same for boy and man. Appearance of hair on body especially for men. Boys help girls out of swimming pool. Family of mother, father and three children in children's bedroom. Teenage girl scrapes away some tissue from lining of her mouth and places it on a glass slide. Scrapings are looked at through microscope. Microphotography of cells, gristle cells, nerve cells, red blood cells, piece of a gland, testicular tissue (huh?). This leads commentary (by a woman) into explanation of testes role in sexual reproduction. How cells develop into sperm is illustrated by diagram. Sperm cells under a microscope. Diagram of ovarian tissue and formation of egg. Composition of egg. Diagram of sperm racing for egg. Microphotography of a real egg with a real sperm inside it. Joining of male and female nuclei. This is conception. Division of one cell into many cells via time lapse photography. Development of embryo from different groups of cells. Microphotography of skin tissue. Cell division magnified greatly. Child sleeping in cot. Parents look on. Parents tuck their children into bed and turn off the light.

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