Film: 9504

Medicine | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Elfin Mount
Children act out fairytale to emphasise the need for cleanliness during wartime 1940's and a rare colour film

Woman singing to children a song about fairyland with superimposed words of song.
Children dressed as rabbits on beach are playing out the story of Elfin Mount. One child is acting out role of mother rabbit at table rolling out pastry whilst 2 young rabbits go and play. They read a poem from a book and then hop off to fairyland. They hop away through a wood in white rabbit costumes. They hop by a pond or lake.
'Rabbits' and other animals wash in pond. Song over about cleaning teeth etc…there's really nothing to it. Then they all hop off still singing a bit of an irritating song.
Large rock in distance with building on top supposed to be the palace in fairyland or Elfin Mount. On grass below are lots of toadstools and child dressed as a fairy prince? Who beckons them, so all sit on the toadstools.
At 6'32 Children dressed as a royal court arrive and hold audience. Children all in costume come and bow to fairy King and Queen. One child stands in middle and addresses all of them. Then another dressed as a spider presents himself to the royal couple. He says what he's been doing and has earnt his prize of being changed into a prince. Then 2 boys called soap and water are presented to talk about cleanliness and are changed into royal princes. Another one dressed as an insect is changed into a prince and betrothed to a princess.

Lastly, woman sings song about 'Elfin King' and fairy ring, leading to a plea for washing ears and cleaning teeth at bed time with song words on screen.
Wash your ears and clean your teeth
That's the way to do it
Front and back and underneath
There's really nothing to it.

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