Film: 9509

Entertainment + Leisure | 1920 | Sound + Silent | B/W


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Crazy stunts 1920's

New York City, U.S.A. People celebrate armistice that ends World War One, 1918. People hold up newspaper headings, "Germany Quits", and "Germany Surrenders". People wave hands in air. Great excitement. Men throttle dummy Kaiser. Fancy dress. Head-on shot of battleship with camouflage paint on. Soldiers on ship wave at Statue of Liberty. One wears head bandage.
Cut to men on Statue of Liberty standing on the head waving. San Francisco, The Dome of the Palace of Fine Arts used as a bicycle rink. Man and woman cycle round. Camera follows them from centre of dome. Camera on outside of building films man climbing outside and doing head stand.
Al Ritchie climbs building under construction. Bill Baldwin performs on steel girder. Man does stunts from ladder hanging over New York City.
Daredevil Reynolds stands on balanced tables and chairs on top of a skyscraper. Rudi Banino falls off chair but climbs back into view.
Women perform stunts. Swinging. Woman steeplejack hauls another up chimney. Two women dance Charleston on top of tall chimney.
Sailor pulls four cars by strength of his teeth.
Warren Travers holds two teams of horses together. He successfully holds all six horses in tug of war. Travers eats lots of "lady fingers" (biscuits) and ice cream.
Al Ritchie bends iron bar in his teeth before bowing. Ritchie puts stone on his head which woman breaks with metal hammer.
Ten women climb on plank on Ritchie's back.
Aerial stuntman Ed Unger spins under a balloon.
Man gets in bath under balloon which takes off. He is carried around before we see him back on the round in the bath.
Man held on strength of his hair from iron bar, his hair is tied to the bar and held up by two men. Then a man suspended from the axle of a biplane by his hair as it flies. Good close up shots.
Barnstorming. Airplane flies under low bridge.
[Silent]. Biplane and wing walking stunts. Two men hang from wings and walk on top wing. Man does hand stand. Man blows kiss at camera. Plane has "Daugherty" written on the side. Man hangs upside down from axle. One man films other. They meet in middle of wings and shake hands.
[Sound]. Man grabs something from hand of man on ground.
Man flies plane into building, before emerging, smiling and bowing.
Two biplanes, man climbs from lower one to upper one. He hangs from axle. Al Johnson is blindfolded and transferred from one biplane to another by hook. He removes hood.
Man in strait-jacket placed in tube under biplane. Campey (stuntman) exits from the tube and wriggles out of the straitjacket as his parachute opens.
Jack Shaw suspends himself by hook in his mouth from rope ladder under plane. Woman (Gladys), powders her face in mirror held by man. She is tied to top of biplane as it loops the loop. Camera being fitted to stunt biplane. Man does tricks from axle. Pilot in close up filmed from in front takes his hands off controls. Plane spins.
[Silent]. Burning biplane spins and crashes. Another biplane crash lands. Plane moves off (feature film 1920's): close up, woman in cockpit. Soldiers run after plane as it taxis along grass. Close up of woman's feet as she stamps on pedals. Plane spins around and chases men who run. Ambulance and bike and sidecar are involved in the chase. Woman pulls gun controls and fires guns. Man has hat shot off. Men dive to the ground. Gun fired again. Plane taxis through gap in trees and wings come off. Plane falls on side. Officer arrives at plane and cradles woman pilot who is unconscious.
[Sound]. Man transfers from rope ladder under biplane into car. Man transfers from railway train to biplane just as train crashes head on into another. The train driver jumps off train just in time. Both trains one marked "California State Fair Special".
[Silent]. Biplane stunts from feature film? Close up of woman passenger. Man tries to transfer from biplane to biplane.
Two men fight among wires of biplane. Lots of punching. One man falls.
"Perils of Pauline" type stunts, woman holds wire on side of building which gives way. She grabs washing line, and climbs down ladder. Woman in train engrossed in magazine story. Huge shadow of hand appears at window. Cut to two cowboys on roof of speeding train. Hand grabs her bag and she struggles for bag. Cowboys lose their grip on roof of train, just as she bites man's wrist. Men fall off roof of train.
Girl grabs observation car of speeding train and attempts to haul herself aboard. Man fails to grab train. Girl rides down aerial ropeway, rope give way and she plummets. Man rescues woman from train by swinging on rope over it. Train falls into river. Woman leaps on horse and pursues car. She leaps on running board of car and pulls gun on driver. She stops car on bridge and jumps onto roof of train. Between two carriages she operates brake. Brake pressure gauge shows rise. Train stops.
[Sound (music)]. Harold Lloyd in "Safety Last". Harold on outside of New York skyscraper. Harold reaches window ledge. Man opens window and Harold jumps onto hands of clock. Clock face pulls away from clock.
[Silent]. Clip from silent Richard Talmadge (c. 1925) melodrama. Two men in room. One leaves by window and ends on fire escape. He climbs along ledge and jumps into back of open topped car avoiding motorcycle rider who is standing by. Car crashes through back half of horse and cart. Man stopped by police motorcycle cop. Man steals motorbike. Police pursue man. Man crashes motorbike through boarding. "A. Carlos presents Roland West's Stage Success "Unknown Purple"". Man gets back on bike. He grabs washing line as motorcycle cops close in. He climbs outside of staircase quicker than cops can climb stairs. He does excellent jumps from one building to another. Police run over roof of skylighted building. Man climbs down side of building and past builders. Police run after him on foot. Man jumps off bridge onto moving train. Man jumps from one moving train to another on which rail road worker is standing. They talk and argue before man jumps onto a stationary train. Whilst railroad worker is not looking, he jumps back onto that train and jumps through open door in one of the freight wagons. Caption signed "A. Carlos" tells us that Richard Talmadge's stunts are real.
[Silent]: Man interviewed in pilot's seat of monoplane. Monoplane flies across U.S.A. desert. Plane called "Phoenix" crashes. Fuselage breaks behind pilot and it turns over.

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