Film: 951

Railways | 1910 | Silent | B/W


GWR Great Western Railway engine building at Swindon 1912. Building a star class locomtive 4041 Prince of Wales.

In the next few years, all that resource and industry will be divert into the munnitions production.

Most of the processes of making a locomotive from making the boiler to testing the engine.
Men pull piece of heavy engineering by means of chains towards part of a railway locomotive boiler. Man pulling scrap or slag out of iron or steel furnace with a long pole. Large piece of red hot metal pulled out of furnace by five men and pushed to another part of factory. Men turn the casting as a very large hammer hits the metal. Pouring metal steel.
Rolling the boiler plates. Man turns plate which does not seem to turn very smoothly. The man uses belt driven power. Man handling nameplate for a Great Western locomotive 'Prince of Wales'.
Testing the locomotive. Men push long metal rods into holes in the boiler. Man cranks a handle. Two jets of steam emanate from near front of boiler, one on each side.
Rivetting the boiler. Men push large sheet metal onto the sides of the boiler as other man places a ladder against the boiler and climbs up ladder to stand on top of boiler. Another man stands o ladder. Man on top of boiler tightens bolts or rivets on boiler. A work platform is slowly raised alongside the boiler. Piec of boiler casing slowly rotating. Hand-operated riveting machine. Man who operates rivetting machine also uses a hammer on the rivets. Men wielding bigger hammers on the inside portio of the boiler casing. Man fits a tie into portion of the boiler casing, climbs out and shuts the front of the boiler. He turns a handle to shut it. Men roll large locomotive wheels under the suspended body of the locomotive. They hold wheels in place as the locomotive body is very slowly lowered. The engine 'Prince of Wales' rolls out into daylight and then sideways on tracks. Man fitting stencilled lettering onto sides of Engine. When he peel off the backing paper, the words 'GREAT WESTERN' are revealed.

Finished engine being tested at 40 miles per hour in a test bed. Steam comes from the pistons.
The train travelling on track picking up water.
Note : Nitrate damaged at the beginning

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