Film: 9511

Food + Drink | 1980 | Sound | Colour


This is a training film intended for the employees of the processed food company of Heinz, it has an advertisement style and uses clips of many of Heinz's TV. Commercials from 1980's

Opens on Heinz logo and caption beneath. Fade into old B/W still photo of the founder of Heinz on a horse-drawn wagon, surrounded by farmers and a child. Another still of H.J. Heinz, this time a portrait. Fade into old (original?) label of Heinz spaghetti. Narrator - Heinz was ahead of his time. Close-up of 'no added ingredients' panel of the label. Fades into the same statement from a modern day tin. Cut to another still photo - five women in long, white dresses and white hats work around a table containing a number of glass bottles and jars. Fade into modern day kitchen. Two chefs are at work, surrounded by a plethora of kitchen equipment (scales, blenders, mixing jugs etc..). Close-up of chef's hands, precisely weighing some flour and pouring it into a large, metal basin. Narrator - methods have changed but commitment to quality remains.

Cut to eighties TV advertisement for tomato ketchup. It is set to the tune of "Da-do ron-ron": a uniformed station attendant pours ketchup on his food; business people on a platform sing the refrain; a housewifely woman carries a tray of food and ketchup into a child's room; close-up of the food and the sauce; the child (we see that he has a broken leg in a cast) eats the food while his mother cheerfully graffittis in his plaster cast; singing business people; close-up of sausage; two polo-types with ridiculously English accents sing and the man eats the sausage; several mounted jockeys sing on the starting blocks - one is left behind as his horse (like the ketchup) won't run ( a-ha! ); close-up of food on a dinner plate; caption "there's no taste like Heinz". Fade into early products lined up - bottle of horse radish, salad cream etc… Narrator - other manufacturers used to use frosted glass to conceal dubious ingredients, but Heinz never had anything to hide and always used clear glass. Camera continues its sweep of the assembled bottles and jars. Fade into cartoon still of H.J. Heinz famously "personally introducing his products to Fortnum and Mason". Cut to b/w still photo of poor children looking glum and wearing ragged clothing. Fade into similar shot of two sad-looking girls looking deprived. Narrator - in the past food was scarce, now people eat too much and too often. Shot of a supermarket aisle. Supermarket checkout with one customer. Camera sweeps the length of the fresh meat counter to illustrate the vast array of choice available to modern consumers.

Cut to plate of food (meat and two veg type fare) being forked around. Two men (one older than the other) sit at a table in a café. Narrator - in post-war years, the emphasis was on building up diets but now food advertisers play on people's natural self-indulgence. See various scenes illustrating this point, at first it appears to be taken from different T.V commercials, but this is not the case. A fat child seated at a dining table is bribed into eating his boring food in exchange for some cream cake. Close-up of his mouth biting a crumpet. A bored-looking man is persuaded to eat "just one more" chocolate by his chess-playing companion. Repeated close-ups of his mouth eating the chocolate. A heartbeat noise is heard in the background. A father and son (wearing a very special pullover, even by eighties standards) stand at a bar. The older man presents his son with a pint of bitter, announcing, "no son of mine drinks halves". Repeat close-ups of his mouth as he takes a swig. Heartbeat still in background. Cut to a couple at a dinner table, surrounded by food. He appears to be full but she forces him to eat more saying "I made it specially for you". Close-up of his mouth as he shoves in the fork. Heartbeat in the background. Group of men in a restaurant (including the man from the previous scene?). He is forced to eat more gateau against his wishes. Close-up of his mouth, heartbeat noise. He looks pained and clutches his chest. Cut to same man in a hospital bed, tears running from his eyes. A woman sits to his left. Narrator - "the way to a man's heart attack is through his stomach" (tee hee). The woman says, "you look ill, Jim, are you eating enough" (tee hee again). He looks glum. Close-up of his mouth as a thermometer is placed into it.

Cut to T.V commercial for salad cream: a man pours some unidentified salad cream onto an empty plate and tries to dip a stick of celery into it. The celery rebels and bends upward in an effort to escape. Cut to a bottle of Heinz salad cream. It is poured over a plateful of salad. Celery is dunked into it. The man continues to struggle with his celery to no avail. Cut to a display of products from the 'Weight Watchers From Heinz' range, focusing on the small tin of spaghetti. There follows a number of T.V commercials advertising this range: A vacant looking woman wearing white sits at a dining table to eat her beans on toast. The camera moves back to reveal that she is sitting on one arm of a set of scales. The scales are evenly balanced. Cut to a sensibly-dressed woman smiling insipidly. She is about to sit at a dining table. There is a grandfather clock behind her which, when she sits down, records her weight like an old-fashioned scale. Cut to a young chap in an '80s style office with chrome décor. He eats his low calorie food. Camera moves back to reveal that he is sitting on a large digital scale. Close-up of the readout shows that his weight falls as he eats. A third vacuous woman eats salad while sitting on a garden swing. Be amazed as it becomes apparent that she too is on a scale and is evenly balanced. Heinz logo and caption.

Cut to outside an ordinary supermarket. Shoppers bustle past. Two women are seated at a table with Heinz baby products in front of them. Narrator explains that Heinz takes advice from many experts on nutrition and also has many experts on their own staff. One of the women is a Heinz rep, the other a dietician. They enjoy " a healthy dialogue" (tee, and indeed, hee). Cut to an ordinary high street. A lovely, grey haired granny (who definitely hasn't been primed or scripted in any way) speaks to camera about checking food labels. A suited man discusses additives and fibre. A young woman talks about her salt and sugar intake. A housewife speaks about salt, sugar, fibre and additives. A mother talks about her child's diet. First old lady, "we are what we eat". Yes, quite.
Fade to place sign for the Heinz Company Admin and Research Centre. Large grey building surrounded by open fields. Inside a man sorts the mail. Many letters are placed in the pigeon-hole marked 'Nutrition'. Woman seated at an office desk answering customer requests for dietary or recipe information. Narrator- communication is a two-way street. Cut to mother and child at a small table doing a consumer test in a large room with many such surveys going on. A different woman tastes something. Close-up on the bowl of tomato soup. A third woman offers and opinion on the soup which is recorded by the researcher. Cut to a long table on which there are several bowls of beans in a row. The company directors (bland men in suits) perform a taste test and discuss the beans. Tony Scrimshire (a director) addresses the camera from the modern kitchen seen earlier. The two chefs work behind him. He bangs on about Heinz's commitment to both health and taste etc… Ray Matthews (marketing manager) speaks to camera from an office with a large picture window behind him. He goes on about Heinz's commitment to customer service. Heinz really do care about YOUR family.

Fade into a close-up of two tins of beans. Sweep across a display of many Heinz products. Cut to three men jogging. Woman on scales (from previous ad). Supermarket aisles and checkouts. Smiling babies. A grandfather and grandson watching cricket. A cheeky boy eating spaghetti. Ketchup bottle. Narrator - Heinz products are value for money and health conscious. Many excerpts from Heinz commercials, new and old, are now shown… "No place like home" music and white embroidered logo. b/w cartoon men with "Heinz" banners. Bobby Charlton advertising soup. Medieval banquet with a song about soup. Children (including the cheeky ginger boy) eating spaghetti. Children eating beans - "Beanz Meanz Heinz". A young girl standing in front of a clock talks about tea time and beans. Salad cream being poured. Tinned salads being prepared and eaten. Many people slap ketchup bottles. Embroidered products and logo. Heinz caption. The End.

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