Film: 9515

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Jersey, Channel Islands holiday promotional film. Great nightclub scene with Kenny Lynch singing 1960's

A girl rides a horse on the beach. They gallop over the sand, close-up of the horse's head. Close-up of the girl's face with a big smile, blonde hair blowing out behind her. Long shot of the horse and girl riding on the completely flat beach. The girl stops the horse. Wave curl up on the sand. The blonde girl does a big sigh as she breathes in the fresh sea air. Foamy water washes up on shore rocks, then a light house on some offshore rocks.
The beach, very sandy, a man leads a horse with a wagon attached to it up the road that leads to the beach. A Jersey cow walks along a rural road. A village main street, with a hotel. Voisins, Le Poidevins, Le Quesne, de Gruchy: Jersey family names. Shop keepers open their stores, a woman hangs up a stand of postcards and puts out the newspapers, the man in the store next to her puts down his awning. They greet each other. An aeroplane flies overhead. Aerial view of the Jersey coast. POV of the runway from the airplane as it lands. POV from a car as it backs out of an aeroplane onto the airport tarmac. A British United luggage carrier. A chauffeur closes the door of the car as the gentleman gets in beside a blonde woman. People pack luggage into the boots of their cars at the airport. A Volkswagen van leaves the airport followed by a car, and then a scooter with a blonde woman in a pink skirt behind a man. A ferry sailing off the Jersey coast. A sailing ship seen from the cliffs of Jersey. A closer shot from above of the sailing ship. An anchor is thrown into the water. A man in white swimming trunks dives off the boat, followed by a woman in an orange bathing suit, they swim towards the beach. The couple climb up on the beach. A rowing boat with another couple joins them on the sand. They help pull the boat up, and one of the men lifts the girl out of the boat. The other man is wearing rolled up trousers and a little knitted hat. A picnic basket with empty bottles in it, then three of the people sleeping on the sand. Men with surf boards run toward the sea. A couple in a fast moving sailing boat. Close up of a girl water skiing. Surfers. Guys paddling out into the surf. A sail boat. The water-skiing girl comes through a gate to the courtyard of a hotel, she joins a man and another woman at an outside table and has a drink. A man puts sunscreen on sun tan lotion on a woman's back. A beach with some beach huts. A father plays with one of his children in the water. Two couples play lawn tennis. Golfing on the coastal hills. The sign for Morel Farm, a National Trust property. A farmer brings his crop into the farm yard behind a tractor. Another farmer makes baskets. A farmer in a suit drives a barrel wagon. Jersey cows, close-up. The three lions or leopards of the Plantagenet's. Jersey's parliament. The opening of sessions, with the mace bearer in attendance. Massive exterior of a castle. Flower parade. Evening dining scene. A woman swims in the hotel pool at night. Night club scene, a woman does the twist, Kenny Lynch sings. The beach at night, the waves wash up on the sand.

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