Film: 9516

History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Costume drama about the American War of Independence, based on the letters between John and Henry Laurens, 1777-1782. Features a young Michael Douglas as a disgruntled son. South Carolina under the revolutionary war.

Father and son argue. John, (Michael Douglas) in the uniform of the South Carolina militia. The father gets all choked up as he gives him a sword. The father wears a wig. A young girl wears a horrible white cap over her ringlets. The father and son do one of those great (or horrible Michael Douglas) emotional hugs.
A man gallops a horse through a field. Germantown Pennsylvania, British soldier, in bearskin hats and kilt, others on horseback. The Colonials ride out ot meet them from behind the shelter of the trees onto the field. Battle scenes, lines of infantry shooting each other, good shots of how the men on foot fought. Cavalry charges. Carrying wounded out of the battle field on stretchers.
Two men look at a map on a wall, of Valley Forge Pennsylvania. In walks John, they talk more, high drama, very funny.
John meets another soldier outside , they hudle in their cloaks for warmth. They read Tom Paine together. John gives the shivering soldier his cloak.
Father and son meet again. They talkby the fireside. John rides horse through the snow. Man who plays general washington meets with John. Joh talks very aggressively. Joh Laurens goes to Paris to drum up support. The surrender ceremony at Yorktown. John is ambushed and shot dead. The father reads a letter from John Adams.

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