Film: 9517

Food + Drink | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Importation of bananas. Growing them in the Caribbean and Central America 1930's

Map showing Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Cuba and Jamaica., Honduras. White scientists in the jungle, one of their minions takes a core sample of soil for them. They hack through the jungle with machetes. Digging huge irrigation canals, very deep. Planting banana trees fourteen feet apart. Roots from healthy banana trees with rhizomes, the banana trees grow from these. Planting the root bulb. Cutting down trees, jungle deforestation. Clearing land. Clearing the area around the banana plants. The banana trees at six months. Men stand beside banana trees to give the scale of growth. Bananas beginning to grow on the tree. Putting pads of grass on the backs of donkeys to ensure the bananas aren't bruised. Banana plantation, bringing in the harvest. Crews of pickers go into the banana plantation with donkeys. The cutter, the packer and the mule boy. They break the tree trunk and the packer takes the bunch on his back. A worker cuts away the trunk to fertilize the soil, and so a new tree can grow. The mule boy packs up the mule. Carts filled with bananas. Padding the side of a rail car with banana leaves and straw to prevent bruising. A banana train taking bananas to the coast to shipment to America. Loading a banana ship at a Caribbean port. Unloading the banana ship in the United States. It is placed in trains, once again padded and temperature controlled by either heaters or ice. Cutting the bananas from the branch and quality control. Putting stickers on the bananas, there are two ways! Weighting bananas and packing them in padded boxes. Different banana displays in the supermarket.

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