Film: 9518

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | Colour


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Banana production in Central America and the Caribbean. Lovely street scenes. Coffee production 1940's

A very rocky shoreline, white waves crash up against the rocks. View of a smooth sea over the bow of a ship. An officer in a white uniform looks through his binoculars. Map of Central America. Aerial view of Guatemala City. A city square in Guatemala city. Spanish colonial buildings. New apartments and houses with newly laid sidewalks, recently built because of earthquakes, pedestrians walk to work or shopping. Apartamentos modernos. A woman with a basket on her head walks along the sidewalk, shading her eyes from the sun. Woman in colourful dresses and high heels and a man in a business suit walk out of a professional looking lobby. Two women cover their heads with lace mantillas as they head for church. A little boy holds a square of ice cream. Women fill jugs of water at a village well. Looking down on town market. Looking down on the farms with full baskets of food or blankets and baskets. The highlands of the central area, very mountainous. Burros carry loads up a mountain road, largely carrying firewood. One man walks two speckled pigs on leashes. Women wash clothes and children wash themselves in a pool in the village square. A woman combs her daughter's hair as they sit outside. Transporting and sorting coffee beans. A drying plant, men spread the beans out in the sun after taking the husks off them.
A huge sprinkler waters a large banana plantation. An irrigation ditch filled with water is another way of providing the banana plants with water.
A map of the world moving from east to west starting in southern China, Indonesia and Malaysia where bananas originated and moving west to India, the middle East Africa, the Canary Islands, and then the Americas. Planting banana trees, it is a root of a banana tree, it is buried in a hole and covered with dirt. A animated diagram shows how the banana plant grows. Banana trees on the banana plantation that are ready for harvesting. A group of banana harvesters, working in teams of three: a cutter, a backer and a mule boy. The cutter cuts the plant and the bunch of bananas bends over towards the backer who puts it on his back and the bunch is cut off by the cutter. Laying the bananas out for collection in the plantation. A truck comes with men on the back and lots of padding for the banana stalks. Washing the bananas in big vats, they are loaded on something like a teeter totter and plunged up and down in the vats. Loading the bananas on a the banana train, cushioning them with banana leaves. Unloading the banana train at the dock. A man cuts off the stem. They are loaded with a conveyor belt with canvas pockets into the temperature controlled hold. Excellent shot of a ship whistle blowing. The white steam pours out of the stack. The boat pulls out of harbour. Skyline of New York.
A train drives across country, mountains in the background. Quite good shot. A wholesaler hangs the bananas in a ripening room. He checks for temperature and humidity. Wrapping bananas in a wrapper and packing them in boxes.
Mother and daughter in grocery store, the daughter sees the bananas and asks her mother for some, the grocer hands the mother a ripe bunch of bananas. Housewife in the kitchen, she carefully cuts bananas over a bowl of cereal. She comes over to the perfectly laid out table, husband and children sit around it all shiny and clean, the mother wears an enormous frilly apron. She puts the cereal in front of the husband and the young girl. A school cafeteria with bowls of mixed fruit, one boy takes a whole banana on a plate. Bananas on tops of desserts. A young boy uses a hand mixer to mix milk and mashed banana together to make a smoothie. He drinks it and smiles ( at the same time!). The wife comes through the door into the dining room with a big smile, she stops for everyone to admire the tray of banana gingerbread shortcake that she carries. Everyone looks at their banana gingerbread shortcake with delight. The boy tucks in.

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