Film: 9519

Education | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A film about the 1944 Education Act and the introduction of the 11+ exam to test children 1940's

Children sitting an exam (the 11+) to get into secondary school. Teacher says they should finish Part I and start Part II of the exam. Houses of Parliament from Lambeth Bridge. 1944 Education Act. Children in playground. Boys in woodwork class. Teaching geography. Boy building a battery with dynamo to indicate his aptitude for engineering. Teacher at front of class writing a report. Headmaster advising parent what sort of school an engineering education can be gained at. Technical college outside London. Boys in an engineering workshop. Close up of drill going into metal. Sketch of a woman on an easel. Students in drawing class. Close up of model and artists. Audience of school children listen to a classical recital. Teacher plays Beethoven on the piano. Close up of gramophone record spinning round. It is typing class and the girls are learning to touch type to music! A hand runs along a book shelf and chooses a book. Shots of the school library. Swimming pool with students diving and taking swimming lessons. Rural landscape. Agricultural secondary school in north Wales. Student ploughing land by horse. Grammar school in Dorchester. A Grammar school Latin lesson. The teacher wears a black gown. Chemistry class. Drama class rehearsing Macbeth, the three witches speech. School bus interior. Bus stopping in a Cambridgeshire village to pick up more pupils. Children on bicycles. Modern comprehensive school exterior. Girls in home economics class cooking jam tarts and cutting pastry. Boys in woodwork class making model planes and ships. Planing wood. One boy makes a model train engine. Acting on stage and in costume. On a summer's day windows are opened up so the classes are open to the sunshine. Debating the new Education Bill within the classroom. Students entering Rugby Day Continuation College in Warwickshire. Corridors of the college. Planning a kitchen including close up shots of the drawing plans. Building class and permits for building up and out. Film criticism and film/novel adaptation discussion in English class. Juvenile Employment Bureau advises and assists young people with careers. Activities Committee Meeting discuss college dance. A dance band called the Technical Heights start playing. Children dancing. Close ups of band members. A teacher gets a male wallflower and female wallflower (who looks very sulky) to dance together. Workers leave a factory, huge flood, short but good shot. Workers clock out. Factory floor. Shots of modern new buildings, new country colleges. Old schools. New schools. A class trip to the country. Back to back housing. Smoking chimney of a factory. Interior of factory making what looks like a cannon. Children in bathing costumes run down to a lake. They dry themselves off.

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