Film: 952

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Kiss in The Tunnel 1900's Bamforth

The tunnel is Queensbury tunnel.
A railway cutting is seen with a train entering a tunnel. In a compartment a young couple are seated opposite each other. The young man throws away his cigarette and kisses the girl as the train enters a tunnel. The train emerges from the tunnel and finally draws up at a station.
This is an exact copy of the George Albert Smith film of the same title, also of 1900. Who made the film first? No one knows. In the Bamforth film, Shot 1 of the train entering a tunnel, is a high shot of the south portal of the Queensberry Tunnel on the old Great Northern Railway between Bradford and Halifax. Shot 2 is in the little postcard studio of the Bamforth Company in Holmfirth. Shot 3 is of a Johnson Derby-built 4-4-0 of the Midland Railway, with Midland stock all clearly marked 'MR' entering Monsal Dale station on the Peak Forest line between Matlock and New Mills.

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