Film: 9522

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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White map of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset against a black background 1930's

Part 1- Agriculture: A directional wind vane against a cloudy sky. Trees, leaves and grass. Map of South England and Wales marking areas of agriculture with black spots. Nt Iertitle (indicated with inverted commas from hereon in) - "The abundant rainfall and mild climate of Western England is suitable for arable, stock and dairy farming". Shots of cows grazing in the paddocks. A barn. Animated map of the West Country indicating areas of farm produce, dairy (butter), cattle, milk, cream. The town centres of Plymouth, Falmouth, Truro, Torquay, Exeter and Taunton are marked. "The farms are small". Shot of hedge-marked pastureland. Farm buildings. Bulls in paddock and being herded down the road by the farmer including close up. Bulls in farmyard - woman with an umbrella shoos them away. Woman milking cow by hand in farmyard including close ups of woman and man pulling udders. Woman churning milk by hand in a wooden tub. "Milky cream". Close up of woman's hand in tub stirring butter. "The butter is washed and salted". A woman kneads a large lump of butter, washes butter in a tub, adds salt to washed butter. Lumps of salted, washed butter are weighed on scales. Butter is formed into pats with two paddles. Close up of pats of butter. Bulls in farmyard. Two milk cans outside a farm gate with Bed and Breakfast sign in the foreground. "The surplus milk is tested and then sent to London". The milk tanker is filled - name on the door of the tanker is Jack Horner. The tanker (registration number CYA 520) drives past the dairy, out of the driveway with the dairy factory in the background and in to the road. "Ploughing". Farmer tilling soil with horse-drawn plough. "Haymaking". Partly mechanised haymaking - hay is fed onto a conveyor belt at a 45 degree angle to the haystack. As the hay drops off the conveyor belt, two farmhands spread it evenly with a pitchfork over the top of the haystack. Two other farmhands pitchfork hay on to a cart. Hay is taken to the conveyor belt to be fed onto haystack. Two little girls play in front of the haystack. "Harvesting". Harvesting machine in field. Scarecrow in field. Farmer sharpening blades of thresher including close up. Horse-drawn harvester cuts the crop, bundles the sheafs and spits it out the other end. Three horses draw the harvester around the paddock. Farm workers tie sheafs together for stacking. Close up of stack. "Cider apples". Barrels of cider in orchard. Shots of apple trees in orchard. Sign reads Whiteway's Devonshire Cyders (sic). Animated map indicates elevated area of West Country. Shot of the moors, signpost (illegible) on the moors - a small truck roars by. "In the Moorland valleys below, farmers keep cattle, sheep and ponies which graze on the moor and on the upland pastures". Shots of sheep grazing on the grass. Bulls walk down the road, a cyclist is behind them. Ponies walk down the road. Sign reading Collings' Hunting Stables. Horse and foal in paddock. Farmer spreads hay in yard. A forest. A church. "The small market towns are characteristic of an agricultural area". A market in East Devon (newspaper stand in foreground reads East Devon County Press); surplus stock sales yard - woman with pram, people stand about. More shots of the market. A public house. Women outside a shop. The local church. Exeter cathedral. Great Western Railways poster reads historic, romantic Exeter - the centre for tours in Devon. More exteriors of Exeter cathedral. Exeter street scenes including Stepcote Hill and a man walking up the steps. A market square. A country cottage with a thatched roof. More rural landscapes.

Part 2 - Industries: A girl stands by the water's edge at the seaside. "The igneous rocks afford good road metal". A quarry of igneous rock, a man on a rock face with ropes and a pulley. A quarry worker drilling into the rock face. Sign reads Delabole 'Old Delabole' Slate Quarries - worked continuously for 400 years with offices in the background. Slate quarry at work - a full railway cart comes down tracks on the wall of the quarry. "Tin has been mined in Cornwall for over 2000 years". Tin mine pit head with a smoking chimney (EPAL is written down the side). Close up of pit head lift machinery. Tin is transported away from the mine on an overhead causeway (conveyors like a ski lift). Animated map showing areas of minerals: tin, china, clay. "China clay (kaolin) is mined by washing the granite with water at high pressure". Shot of high pressure hose washing granite off rock face. "The clay in suspension is pumped to the surface and dried". Shot of a huge clay quarry with pipes running to the top. A clay/water mix gushes out of the pipe. "The waste is tipped away". Shot of waste products being sent off on a railway track to be dumped elsewhere. "Hundreds of thousands of tons are exported annually to all parts of the world from little harbours like Fowey and Charlestown". A barge called Daphne sits in her berth loaded up. "The local industries are dependant (sic) on coal carried to the district". Coal unloaded from train by a man with a shovel. Exeter Gas Company train truck shunts coal-filled carriage to be unloaded. "Owing to the lack of coal there is but one large industrial town - Plymouth". Plaque of the Mayflower 1620 departure point. A harbour scene, women promenading on the seafront, yacht in the background. "The industries of Plymouth however, are mostly dependant (sic) upon its position as a mail port and a great naval base. Entrance to docks, Royal Naval Recruiting Office sign. Fabric shop with sign saying Noted House for Navy Serge, Flannel, Drill, Fearnought Duck and Shirting. Sailor walks by in uniform. Royal Sailors Club with three sailors outside and some cyclists. Boat in harbour with three-funnelled liner in background. "The natural harbours have fostered the fishing industry all round the coast". Shot of a small fishing village. Shot of harbour with wharf and shed for Harvey and Company Ltd, Timber Importers Shed. Fishing boats in harbour (one marked with FY119). Fishing boat docking. Holidaymakers sitting on the beach amongst fishing boats and the promenade.

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