Film: 9523

Science | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Women in Science as a career 1970's

Crowd of people walking towards the camera, in green and blue colour mix. This superimposed over some kind of computer control panel.
Mirror image of little child banging spoon on plate. Another child cleans table while child with spoon sits and watches. A little girl examines the necklace around her neck. Ginger haired girl tries to attach second earring. Another little girl wearing woman's hat and earrings rubs her ears. Concentrated face of little girl as she fixes her earring. This group of girls playing at being adults, put on dresses over their clothes and one of them powders a baby doll.
Black and white footage of a leather bound book being opened, revealing the name Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin inside. An awards ceremony is in progress, with a woman being presented with a certificate of merit.. Talking head: woman (possibly Dorothy Hodgkin) talks about the responses of schoolgirls to questions about what they expected and what they wanted to do after leaving school.
Middle aged woman siting on a riverboat looks out onto the Thames. She enters a room and sits down at the head of a large table, where eight male colleagues await for her to start the meeting, a part of which will concern work on the Thames Barrier. As she talks, the camera focuses individually on some of her male colleagues.
Black and white footage of two women sweeping floodwater from their house doorsteps. Two women in wellington boots, floodwater up to their ankles, purchase something from the newsagent standing in the shop doorway; four men push a car through a flooded street while a man with horse and cart , also stranded in the flooded street, stands and watches. The riverboat sales down the Thames. The woman on board holds and studies a map. The camera pulls away and to reveal a model of the Thames with the representation of Waterloo, Blackfriars, Southwark, London and Tower bridges.
Back in the meeting room, man discusses matters, illustrating his points on the blackboard whilest his colleagues look on. Close up of woman looking in his direction. Close up of machine that measures tide flows (?) Model of Thames Barrier with miniature vessels floating through.
In the meeting, man sitting to the right of woman discusses matters by referring to the river map that covers the middle of the table. Close up of man's hand holding pencil, pointing to part of the river map.
Close up of man's hands opening the gates of another Thames Barrier model. The water rushes forward.
On the banks of the Thames, a crane dispenses with its muddy load. The woman in the boat looks on. The boat sails down the Thames, past the uncompleted structure of the Thames Barrier. The riverboat sails past Luralda Wharf.
Woman with glasses and young child push an empty pushchair down a quiet suburban street and make their way up the drive of a house. The woman rings on the door bell. The door opens to reveal a woman with two children by her side. An autumnal country lane sees the woman in glasses now riding a moped. A rocket from a platform in the sea fires off into the sky. The woman with glasses walks into the office, past her work colleague sitting at a desk and over to a neatly stacked pile of paper containing various data. She pulls out a wad of the data information and briefly examines it. A representation of, presumably, the sky at night with its twinkling stars and path of the milky way follows. The woman in glasses now demonstrates how the gravitational pull of big star gives off X-ray emission. Cut back to the stellar representation - camera pans across it. The woman examines more data, underlining in red pencil the relevant part of the print out. She discusses the findings with fellow scientist. Close up of woman typing on computer, followed by close up of a spectrum graph that appears on screen.
The camera pulls away to reveal a science laboratory with a three dimensional model of probably a protein. Middle aged woman (probably Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin) looking with male colleague at the three dimensional protein model, before it is completed. They adjust the various parts and discuss how the model should be. At the dining table, the middle aged woman, together with her male colleague and his wife, as well as four children sit drinking tea and eating buttered jam sandwiches. The wife passes around a plate of jam butties. Close up of child eating jam butty.
Bearded man leads boys up the school path. In the classroom a female teacher looks over a group of young children cutting up old cereal and tin foil packets. A little boy places a chauffeur-type hat onto another boy's head, who voices his disapproval and takes the hat off handing it back. Cut back to the teacher supervising the children making things from old card, washing up liquid bottles egg cartons. Another group of children wearing plastic aprons sits around a water tank pouring water into containers and blowing into a tube immersed in water. The female teacher is now in her study and with a male colleague looks at a recording of the children in the classroom, discussing various points.
Back to the water tank. A different female teacher instructs the children in what is required - to fill a container right to the top. This is performed by one of the children, while the others look on, one blowing on a tube dangling in the water.
Talking head: Middle aged woman (probably Dorothy Hodgkin) talking about the need for encouragement in science.
Cut back to the infant girls dressing up and playing at being adults. One puts on a dress while another places her doll in a pram.
End titles: Blue / indigo and green colour mix.

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