Film: 9524

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Palestine and or Israel in the 1950's

View of Jerusalem, Judea, South West Asia. Closer shot of Jerusalem. Muslims in procession. Muslim men at prayer in courtyard. Crowds in procession some are carrying flags. Christian crowds walk up steps. Some carry a large wooden cross on their shoulders. They are a mix of young and old, military and civilian. A church on the spot where it is believed that Jesus was born. It looks more Orthodox than Latin in its make up with ornate lamps hanging from the ceiling. A procession of monks enters the church. A priest praying. A woman in a headscarf kisses the marble floor. She touches a bowl and presses her fingers to her mouth. She is also carrying alit taper. View of city. People walk between walls that are falling down. The wailing Wall crowded with supplicants. View of Jews at Wailing Wall. Men pray before the wall, some hold copies of the Torah. View of a man praying. He stands between two men holding large scroll cases. In the synagogue the Rabbi leads a procession carrying the Torah to the front of the synagogue. Close up of man in prayer shawl and phylacteries. View of other men also wearing prayer shawls and phylacteries - one man has his on his forehead.

A city street in Tel Aviv, Palestine. Aerial view of a park in Tel Aviv. There are modern buildings in the background. View of modern apartment block. City street. At the bus station a crowd of men wait to get on their bus. The signs for the destinations are in Arabic, English and Hebrew. A man checks the tickets as men board the bus. Sign saying that the Palestinian state was created soon after the end of World War I. A scene of British soldiers and Jewish immigrants has "1917" superimposed. View of British soldiers and immigrants sitting. View of Lord Balfour, View of Woodrow Wilson doffing his hat. Map of the Middle East showing Palestine as a British Mandate. It also shows the oil pipeline from Iraq which was of strategic importance in 1939. British warship on the Suez Canal. Oil refinery. Inside a man turns wheels that operate the flow of oil. British warships at anchor. Title page of the White Paper " Palestine Statement of Policy" published in 1939 which limited the number of Jews to be admitted into Palestine. View of bomb damaged buildings somewhere in Europe. Refugees in the streets. They are hoping to go to Palestine. Two American soldiers support a Jewish woman. Jews recently liberated from a concentration camp. Jews on the march. They have nowhere to go. A newspaper headline declaring that the restrictions on Jews entering Palestine must be lifted. A meeting between Jews and the British government. A man in a pin striped suit and with a moustache is speaking. When he finishes there is a view of the audience clapping. Map of the Middle East highlighting Palestine. Camera zooms in on Palestine. Young people walk out of a building. A sign "Jewish Agency for Palestine". A meeting of this agency. A city street. View of Anglo-Palestine Bank on a street corner. Men handover money for entrance to Palestine. The embryonic Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Close up of broker speaking. A man updates information on a blackboard. A hydro-electric plant on the River Jordan.

Workers entering a factory. The diamond cutting industry is flourishing. Inside a diamond factory. Diamonds are spread on a bench for examination. A cow walks across a shipyard. Men place the struts together for the keel of a boat. Close up of man drilling. Palestine's fishing fleet. Close up of life saver. A man is half way up the mast looking at the rigging. The fleet leave the harbour. Two trucks drive down a desert road. A road sign shows the Dead Sea in Arabic, Hebrew and English. A chemical extraction plant where potash and bromide are mined. On a track are boxes filled with a white powdery substance. The white substance is shovelled onto a conveyer belt that moves upwards. City street. Sign "The Daniel Sieff Research Institute" Two men in a laboratory. One is Dr Heine Weidman. View of his sister Anna in another laboratory conducting an experiment. Outside the Talmud School. Inside the Talmud School where lots of boys sit in a huge theatre being taught. They are all future Rabbis. A little boy in glasses raises his hand and stands to speak. He smiles and then sits down again. Large buildings viewed from a distance. This is the Hebrew University. Students walk through the entrance. In a lecture theatre students attend a lecture. The y watch the blackboard where he writes.

Close up of students. Close up of lecturer at blackboard. Children run out of the school gates watched by two teachers. Children in rows carry out exercises. Close up of girls doing stretching exercises. Nurses walk in the hospital garden. Nurses at the Adassa Hospital. A lecture for new nurses in the United States. All the nurses are Jewish and will be going to Palestine. View of trainee nurses. The lecturer demonstrates something on an x-ray. Nurses in masks look after new born babies. Two nurses change nappies. Aerial view of people tending fields. Cows enter a paddock. A girl at agricultural school learns by practical experience how to milk a cow, overseen by her teacher. Women moving hay with pitch forks. View of a co-operative settlement. Sheep. Goats. Workers entering a building. Inside the building communal meals are held. The elected committee allocate daily tasks. Workers collect their chores for the day from a large board. People hoeing fields. Close up of young woman hoeing field. The fruit is gathered in the orchard. Close up of a girl picking a large citrus fruit. Men empty crates of grapefruit into a larger crate. A woman feeds hens as a man goes past on a donkey. This is not a collective but an individual holding. A farmer walks up the steps of a building. Inside the building the farmer enters a room where a man with a beard sits behind a desk at the far end. The farmer goes to the desk and sits down. He hands the man some money which is to pay off the loan he took out to buy his farm. Reservoir. Water in irrigation channel. View of irrigation system. A man opens a channel to irrigate his field. Map of Palestine with dots for each area with a Jewish settlement. Tents and trucks in a desert area. They are looking for water using a test well. Water pumping fro the test well through a pipe. People clear fields of rocks and weeds. Men use a lever to move heavy rocks. Horses drag away heavy and large rocks. A surveyor waves his hands at someone off picture. Men consult over the plans for the construction of a new bridge. (Wauchope Bridge?) A building site with partially constructed buildings. A builder carries a full hod of bricks on his back. A sign declaring that a certain area is not suitable for camping due to Malaria. A research station dedicated to trying to eradicate malaria. It welcomes both Jews and Arabs for treatment. A boy lies on a bed surrounded by two doctors and his family as he is given a n injection in his side. An Arab woman has a blood sample taken by pricking her finger tip. A laden camel walks through a town street. A chart shows the proportions of Arabs to Jews in 1922, 1940 and 1945. View of Arabs treating a sheep. Nomad camp. Arabs sit in a semi-circle outside a tent. Men cooking - kebabs over hot coals. Arabs with guns. Arab men separating grain. Arabs working in Jewish fields. Arab harvests oranges. Men and women in modern dress enter a house. Close up of a woman who is chatting as she takes a cup of coffee from an unseen person. Soldiers marching. Arabs meeting. Arab soldiers on horseback. Close up of soldiers on their horses. City street in London. Sign "The Arab Office" where a meeting is taking place to persuade the British government to uphold their whet paper of 1939. Israeli flag. Jewish soldiers. Soldiers of the Jewish Brigade. Funeral of a dead soldier. Military salute for dead soldier. A train filled with Jews. Jews disembarking from train. Jews in Palestine greeting and hugging newly arrived Jews.

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