Film: 9525

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Alice In Wonderland 1910's

Victorian dressed Alice and sister sitting in the grass, at a lake, under trees. Sister is reading a story to Alice. Alice binds a garland of flowers, yawns, falls asleep… Title: "Alice enters Dreamland". Same as before. A white rabbit (actor with rabbit head) appears and waves to Alice. Double exposure: Alice 1 lies in the grass, Alice 2 gets up and follows the rabbit. A path in the woods. The rabbit goes along and waves to Alice to follow him. She follows, arms stretched out in front of her like a somnambulist. On a meadow. A big wooden "street" sign: "To Wonderland". Rabbit, then Alice go along. Under a tree: The rabbit creeps into a rabbit hole. Alice arrives, drops her flowers and creeps into the hole, too. - Alice falls down in the dark, lands on gravel. The rabbit crawls into another hole, waves Alice to follow. Alice follows. - The rabbit in front of a small rural house with wooden garden fence. Rabbit opens the gate and enters the house. Alice arrives (from the opposite direction). She stops undecidedly as the rabbit leaves the house. White rabbit in front of his house. He goes away, without seeing Alice. Alice, happy, waits until the rabbit is away, then enters cautiously the house (at the door: "W. Rabbit"). Inside the house. Stairs, at the bottom of the banisters a statue of a rabbit. Alice walks upstairs, cautiously. In the rabbit's room (that is quite small compared to Alice's size). Alice looks out of the window, then sees on the table: "Why, here are his fan and gloves!" She takes them. Outside, the rabbit is leaning a ladder against the window, climbs up and grasps for his fan and gloves. - Alice walking down the stairs with fan and gloves. - The rabbit doesn't find gloves and fan and is annoyed. - [new extract] - Alice and actor dressed as furry creature (mixture between small bear and large rodent; probably the Hazelmouse (?)) at a sign: "To the animal convention". They decide to go there. - A large owl lands in the woods and trips to the right. - A pelican with walking stick sees the sign and walks in the direction of the convention. An iguana sees the sign. The pelican on a wooden bridge at the next sign. An eagle at the sign. At the meeting place. All the animal plus a lion and a monkey are there. Monkey and pelican (who actually is a Dodo) fight a bit. - [new extract] - "Solemnly the Dodo presents her own thimble to Alice." More animals at the convention. The Dodo gives a thimble to Alice who puts it on her finger and expresses her thanks. - [new extract] - Caterpillar on huge mushroom, smoking his pipe (hookah). Alice arrives. "Caterpillar: Try repeating 'Your are old, Father William'". Alice recites… fade over to: funny scene between two men: One shoveling hay with a hayfork, the other one (big belly) irritating the first one by doing a headstand. Fade back to Alice. Title: "'Your are old', said the youth, 'as I mentioned before, and have grown most uncommonly fat; yet you turned a back-somersault in at the door - pray, what is the reason of that?'" Fade over to story: Men in room, one of them turning a back somersault. - Fade over to Alice and caterpillar. Next verse (title); Father Williams catches an eel in the woods and balances it on his nose. Alice finishes reciting. The caterpillar crawls down the mushroom. - [new extract] - Alice runs through the woods, arrives at a house, hides behind a pillar. A messenger (fish?) arrives, knocks. A servant (frog?) opens. "From the Queen. An invitation for the Duchess to play croquet." Frog expresses his thanks, takes the huge invitation letter. Fish-messenger leaves. Alice steps forward and talks to the frog who declines something. An iron falls down between them. Frog goes back into the house, Alice follows. In the kitchen. Duchess with (normal) baby; cook at oven. Frog and Alice arrive. Title: "Too much pepper in the soup - and in the air." They all sneeze; Frog leaves. A cat (=actor) on the floor. "The Duchess's lullaby: 'Speak roughly to your little boy…'" cook adds more pepper to the soup, all sneeze. "And beat him when he sneezes" Duchess beats baby. "He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases. CHORUS: Wow! Wow! Wow!" - "Here, take the little pig." Duchess gives the baby to Alice. "I must get ready to play croquet with the Queen." Alice runs out with the baby. In the woods. The baby suddenly is a pig; Alice lets it down, it runs away (a real pig). - On a tree lies the Cheshire Cat. Alice arrives. Cat gives confusing directions, then suddenly vanishes. Alice is startled. Cat is there again. Fades away. Is there again. - [new extract] - The queen of hearts with attendants. - Alice at a tree with door. Alice opens the door, enters - and is at the fountain in the Queen's gardens. Queen. The playing-card soldiers arrive. Alice in the garden… runs to three fighting soldiers and calms them down. "Alice: Why are you painting those roses? Gardeners: Because we planted a white rose tree by mistake and the Queen will cut off our heads if they are not red." Queen with attendants arrives. "The Queen! The Queen!" They lie down. "Off with their heads!" Queen and attendants leave. On the playground. Queen, soldiers and king run around. Title: "The croquet balls were hedgehogs, the mallets were flamingoes and the arches were soldiers." Soldier plays, misses and runs away. Then the White Rabbit plays (obviously they use a rubber flamingoe, not a real one…). Then Alice plays. She misses. "I'll try again." She tries again, hits, all are happy and jump around. "Off with everybody's head!" All run away in fear, the rabbit is chased by an executioner with an axe. Finally only Queen, King and Alice are left. King leaves. "Queen: come with me to the Mock Turtle. He shall tell you his history." They leave. "The Gryphon". Queen and Alice meet a strange animal (the gryphon, obviously). "Queen: Take this young lady to see the Mock Turtle, and to hear his history." The gryphon leads Alice to a rocky shore. The Mock Turtle. "Sad and lonely the Mock turtle sings his son, 'Turtle Soup'." Turtle sings. Gryphon and Alice on a beach. They approach the singing Mock Turtle, sit down and listen, then talk (long shot). "Here come the lobsters." Lobsters walking from the sea to the shore. "Here come the walruses" Two walruses between rocks with parasols. Lobsters. Walruses. Lobsters finally on the beach. They get up (wear striped trousers) and they all meet: Mock Turtle, Gryphon, Alice, Lobsters and Walruses. "Get your partners. Now for the Quadrille!" Apart from Alice, all dance. - [new extract] - "W. Rabbit, the King's herald, calls all creatures to the trial of the Knave of Hearts." Courtyard: Queen, King and Rabbit as judges. Hatmaker, Marchhare and Hazelmouse arrive. Hatmaker and Marchhare leave, Hazelmouse lies down and falls asleep. "Get the next witness!" - "The next witness is Alice!" Alice, startled, jumps up, talks vividly. All talk vividly. Snow / pieces of paper fall down… Alice and sister at the lake again. Alice wakes up, rubs her eyes. Talk about the dream. The sister laughs.

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