Film: 9526

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Silent feature drama. Superstitious villages think a young woman is a 'Were Tiger' 1920's

Set en route to a gold mine in Malaya, called the Pehang mine. Owner's daughter (Hedda Nova) and some mine workers (played by Jules Cowles and George Carrossella) are camping in the forest. Nova interrupts a plot to steal a bag of gold that belongs to her father. She threatens the thieves with a gun, but they chase her into the Malay Peninsula, deep into the jungle. Village of Malay people (Kampong). They sit and discuss the appearance of a were tiger (like werewolf). Tiger and monkeys in jungle (possibly stock shots). Malay family panic and get their rifle. Tiger does not attack them and leaves. As tiger disappears, Nova emerges from the woods and gets blood on her hand and face from a kill made by the tiger. The villagers decide she must be the weretiger. Nova collapses on the ground.

The next morning, the villagers decide to shoot Nova, but cannot do so without a white man present. They call Tom (a goodie, played by J. Frank Glendon) from the mine. Nova goes into the village and the people are afraid of her. She goes down to the lake and they follow her with rifles. The men see the tiger in the jungle and assume that it is Nova, having changed shape again. They rig up a rifle with a trip wire and attach it to a tree. Tiger chases Nova through the forest. A leopard or cheetah chases the tiger away from Nova. Nova sets of the trip wire and the villagers come to investigate. They run back to the village where panic breaks out. Glendon arrives and finds Nova (they are an item). They embrace.

Glendon sends Nova back to the mine, and goes out to search for the robbers. A storm brews overhead and Nova takes shelter in a cave. The tiger follows. The robbers go into the mouth of the cave. Inside, long sequence of tiger snarling at Nova. She calms it with soothing words. Storm ends. Glendon searches for Nova in the jungle. Meanwhile, the thieves have found Nova and taken her prisoner. She is tied up with ropes. They decide to leave her as food for the tiger. Glendon enters and a fight breaks out. Glendon is knocked unconscious. The tiger enters and wrestles with the thieves. Glendon wakes and releases Nova. Glendon and Nova leave, having picked up the stolen bag of gold.

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