Film: 9527

Social History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


A review of the year 1932 in the U.S.A. The depression, politics. Roosevelt wins the election. End of Prohibition. Social Unrest, Sports and current affairs.

Female singer, song "there's no place like home", large house orchestra in studio setting. Close up of female singer, a charity appeal asking people to share with those less fortunate. Newspaper photo of unemployed downcast man holding sandwich board. Men in queue walking forwards. Street scene with queue of men in background. Downcast man in front of soap boxes, picking through fruit. Close up of same man picking through box. Cold man, visible breath. Depressed scene, cold man in front of oil can, standing behind basket of shoe laces. Men lounging on park bench. Man sewing on park bench. Slouched man with head over knees on park bench.
Dustbowl shot, visible dust blowing over arid farmland. View of eroded landscape. Farmstead, deserted and unkempt. Small, little fair haired child peers from behind ruined doorway of dilapidated farm. Four men in rural landscape holding shabby items. Family, man/father in shabby clothes standing with three children, wife/woman nurses baby with two other children surrounded by possessions, bed stead, washboard. Close up of blonde little girl, clutching book. Shot of family, car drives past covering them with dust.
Herbert Hoover stands giving speech, saying that no one will go hungry or unhoused in the coming winter. Herbert Hoover speaking, well dressed women sitting to his
right, smart men and women sitting looking to his left. Queue of mainly men waiting outside soup kitchen, voice over extolling charity. Close view of queue of men and one carrying a baby, walking. Queue of children moving two abreast. Children given meal at canteen. Large trestle table packed with children eating a meal from trays. Close up of dark haired girl eating. Tousled haired small child eats bread and food from a bowl.
Capitol, Washington DC with small zeppelin or airship flying behind. Queue of people holding placards walking around the Capitol. Scene of people holding placards flanked by police, voice over expresses fear of riots and civil war. Crowd of demonstrators walking with Capitol in background with people watching. Men holding placard, " New York State Hunger March". View of crowds in Washington, demonstrators holding placards. 3 small armoured vehicles drive down road, watched by spectators, followed by mounted police, Washington landmarks in background. Mounted police riding, watched by spectators. Crowd of men watching in street. Troops/police in gas masks and holding weapons walk towards crowds. Shack burning, troops in gas masks, one throwing missile. Burning shack with trooper in gas mask. Burning shack-Hooverville.
German troops marching down road, eyes right to President Von Hindenburg. Von Hindenberg shown watching troops. German soldiers goose stepping with standards, voice over worried about state of affairs in Germany. Aerial shot looking down at huge crowds, three official cars drive through crowds. Massed crowds in Berlin waving. Hitler orates in typical style in front of people. Large crowd saluting Nazi style.
Geneva Disarmament Conference, close up of three men opening conference in English. View of delegates at Geneva Disarmament conference. Close up of further delegates. Hitler salutes standing aloft in crowd while soldiers march past saluting. Shot of white shirted soldiers saluting past Hitler. Soldiers marching past Hitler in German town.
Ticker tape parade down Wall Street. Amelia Earheart, aviatrix waves from car. Shot of ticker tape on buildings/skyscrapers. Mayor of New York, Jimmy Walker speaks to welcome Amelia Earheart. Shot of Jimmy Doolittle and wife Jo in front of American Airlines plane. Jimmy Doolittle talks to wife about length of journey coast to coast. Shot of Jo Doolittle looking out of plane windows. Plane taking off. Plane flying over mountains. Aerial shot of a gas filled balloon. Small gondola suspended from balloon, shot of balloon floating over woods. Auguste Picard early explorer, peering out of porthole, in stratospheric balloon. Picard climbs out of balloon. Picard talks to crowd. Man with flying contraption strapped to back, goggles on. Close up of man, jumps to show lightness of flying device. Man jumps of bridge with flying device on back, lands in water. Man runs round field with flying device on back, failing to take off. Man jumps off rock with flying device on back, to land flat on ground. Man introduces rocket airplane device. Small little girl pours flour from a pan. Mail loaded into nose of "rocket-plane". Canisters of gas used to fuel rocket plane, men standing around. Man in white suit lights fuel. Rocket plane takes off, steeply climbs, turns and falls to earth in snow. Bald bespectacled man expounds the view that liquor traffic is antisocial and will never be accepted. Man states view that prohibition has not worked, but has increased lawlessness and death from alcohol. Official looking man states that prohibition will stay for as long as the constitution will survive. Barrels rolling along production line. Beer taps filling glasses behind a bar. Glass of beer being filled behind a bar. Pint of foaming overspilled beer. Barman slides glasses of beer down long polished bar. Sliding beer down bar. Bottles being thrown at wall, shadow of man in fedora on wall. 2 men showing throwing bottles of beer at a wall, breaking them. 5 men, one black, with crates of beer throwing bottles to break them, piles of broken glass with liquid splashed wall. Close up of piles of glass. 4 people , 3 men one old woman with bottles of beer, woman speaking about possible repeal of amendment which started prohibition. 5 men playing large cornets in theatrical style.
Huge crowd of people in Olympic stadium (Los Angeles). Men's hurdles. Large roar of massive crowd. Motor racing on circuit, car skids off. Finishing line with cars speeding past. Cycles cycling round track. Cycles cycling on raised track at fast speeds. Cycles racing round track. View of massive crowds in baseball stadium. No 12 pitches, Babe Ruth playing No 3 hits. Crowd stand up. Aerial view of baseball pitch with Babe Ruth running round. Crowd standing, straining to watch. Speaker of the House Garner and Vice-President Curtis together at baseball match. Combinative but jocular asides, they shake hands. Baseball player hits and runs. View of baseball field. Train whistle being pulled in close up, lots of steam. Wheels of train moving quickly, steam, close up. View from top of quickly moving steam train. Train face on view, no 2223. View of locomotive "Roosevelt" at Iowa State Fair driving flat out. View of locomotive "Hoover", steam pouring out, drives headlong into oncoming "Roosevelt" train, large crash, massive explosion. Roosevelt car in flames. Hoover car in flames. View of Republican National Convention. Man introduces Herbert Hoover. Crowds cheer and wave flags. Democratic National Convention, Franklin D Roosevelt introduced. People at convention cheering and waving placards. Herbert Hoover speech at convention, mentions contest between 2 philosophies of government. Roosevelt shown speaking behind dais extolling change for the constitutional good. Hoover shown speaking at dais, states changes will alter the foundations on which the country was built. Switch to Roosevelt speaking asking for vote. Hoover speaking, at convention platform, saying that opposition are clamouring for new leader. Roosevelt speaking at hustings, posters, flags. Queues of people in street scene with shops. Queue of people leading into shop with signs stating " Board of Elections Meets Here". Queue of people slowly move into shop. Queue of different types, mostly well dressed people waiting to vote. Little old lady in bath chair with dog on her lap. Roosevelt standing, holding onto arm of young man waiting to vote. Photographers, flash guns going off. Roosevelt and young man pose outside voting booth. Pensive looking Roosevelt. Hoover walks into voting area and puts ballot paper into box. Typists. Ticker tape machine printing results. Hands quickly typing on typewriter. Male announcer. Man talking into telephone. Men writing up votes on large boards. Men typing, journalists behind. Typewriter typing. Hands typing, typewriter keys moving. Roosevelt on arm of another young man states a landslide victory. Crowds in night time city gather and wave. People cheering and waving in night time city scene. Trams moving through crowds of people in night time city. Aerial view of searchlights on massive crowds packed in night city. Newspaper press, voice over stating the World Telegram. View of lit up city buildings. Words World Telegram enlarged and superimposed on city buildings.

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