Film: 9539

Food + Drink | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Selecting fruit and vegetables for the housewife Nice woman shopping in supermarket sequence 1940's

Exterior of Supermarket, customers grocery shopping come out with full shopping bags. A woman walks her trolley through the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket. She lifts a bunch of carrots out of the crisper and puts them in her buggy, then a cabbage. There are other women shopping as well. She weighs the cabbage and, happy with the weight, puts it in her buggy. She takes two onions? And puts them in a small paper bag. At the cashier or check out, one woman picks up her paper bags and the other woman pays as the assistant packs her paper bags for her. A shiny array of fruits and vegetables. And a scientist. An audience of ladies sit, listening to the scientist.
The scientist shows how to pick the freshest and best condition vegetables, first lettuce, then carrots and other vegetables follow. There are a couple of shots of the women in the audience talking.

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